1945 The Savage Peace – New BBC Documentary Exposes the Genocide of Ethnic Germans After World War 2

The truth is coming out in a very big way. Less than a month after the release of Hellstorm, the BBC has put out a documentary that details the rape, torture, murder, and ethnic cleansing of Germans who lived outside the borders of Germany.

These crimes against ethnic Germans are covered in Hellstorm, but this BBC documentary expands on the topic with gruesome details and lots of eye-witness testimony. You will likely see footage that you have never seen before and also recognize many clips that were featured in Hellstorm, now with a little more context.

As always, be aware that even though this documentary contains a lot of very truthful material, the BBC is not our friend. The documentary diminishes the number of Germans who lost their lives, often makes it seem as if Germans were “receiving a dose of their own medicine” (ie, affirming the Holocaust narrative), and puts the blame on Russians while never mentioning the horrors committed by the Americans and Brits in the West. That being said, the documentary is worth a watch.

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6 thoughts on “1945 The Savage Peace – New BBC Documentary Exposes the Genocide of Ethnic Germans After World War 2

  1. If BBC will tell us about WWII and all its consequences, one can not start in 1945.
    BBC didn’t seem concerned about acknowledging the enormity of horror inflicted on Czechs (and others) to inspire such savage retaliation.
    Postwar expulsion of ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe was a legal procedure initiated by the Allied Powers and not an isolated Czech action against the Germans.

    1. “If BBC will tell us about WW II and its consequences, one can not start in 1945.” Well, I agree, but in this sense that one must begin with the oppression and mass murders against ethnic Germans by the Poles and the Czechs before Hitler invaded Poland.

      If we only begin with what the Germans (allegedly) did to them, we have just the half of the picture. The official myth has it that Hitler attacked an innocent Poland by surprise. and occupy it. So, (it is being alleged), the revengeful measures by the Allies are, in a certain sense, justified. In fact, however, the attack on Poland was the ultimate response of a very desperate Fuhrer who had tried numerous attempts to solve the Sudeten-Geman question in a peaceful manner. The Polish government, however, supported by the valiant British and French governments (which had promised Poland protection, might she being attacked by a foreign country) in the future, rejected all gestures of Hitler for peaceful negotiations of this problem out of hand. As Hitler with a lot of patience had helplessly to watch how his fellow-Germans were abused, tortured, and murdered by the hundreds and no help was to expect from other countries in the West (let alone Soviet Russia in the East), he decided eventually to take matters in is own hand.

      Thus, Hitler attacked Poland to liberate his Sudeten-Germans from Polish oppression and torture. Nevertheless, it is even today still maintained that the German attack on Poland was a surprise attack on an innocent Poland. And regarding the expulsion of Sudeten-Germans on a mass scale, this ought to have occurred orderly, without torture and mass murder. But we must always must back to what really happened before Hitler took action. After that, the rest of this piece of history can be explained in a logical and understandable way.

    2. The only “genocide” that the international banker intellectual elite who control the media are concerned about is that of the Jews in Germany during WWII, until it comes down to creating the paradigm we live in now as WWIII threatens, and who has the power to create that paradigm?

  2. This is heartbreaking to watch. It validates the stories both my Parents tell about their personal experiences as children during and after the war. They share the horror experienced with other ethnic Germans that became innocent victims of retaliation. They, like many others have been damaged by the trauma which in turn has affected their children.
    It is truly commendable to finally see some truth from a German perspective. It helps to break down the perpetual barrage of voices which uphold the myth of an evil race conquered and exposes some of the atrocities condoned and perpetrated by those claiming the higher moral ground.
    There are no winners in a war as everyone suffers.

  3. Unbelievable what I just saw. I was not aware of what happened “after” the war in those countries. It is sad that it seems that people never seem to learn. If you use the same methods you are not different from the nazi’s.

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