Hellstorm – Now in German!

Millions murdered . . . Millions raped . . . Millions tortured . . . Millions enslaved . . . Millions of men, women and children cast to the winds. . . . No matter what you have read about the Second World War, no matter what you have been told about it, no matter what you believe happened during the so-called “Good War” . . . forget it!

Now, for the first time in over 70 years, learn what the war and “peace” looked like from the loser’s perspective. Learn what was done to Germany and her people in the name of “freedom, democracy and liberation.” In their own words, in graphic detail, this is their story. . . .

Hellstorm–The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947



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All of us, without exception, suffered the same. . . . And to make matters worse, these atrocities were not committed secretly or in hidden corners but in public, in churches, on the streets, and on the squares. . . . Mothers were raped in the presence of their children, girls were raped in front of their brothers. . . . and as a rule not once but several times.
—– A German Woman

Kill them all, men, old men, children and the women, after you have amused yourself with them! Kill. Nothing in Germany is guiltless, neither the living nor the yet unborn. . . . Break the racial pride of the German women. Take her as your legitimate booty. Kill, you brave soldiers of the victorious Soviet Army.
—– Jewish Propagandist, Ilya Ehrenburg

There is also a full German version of the documentary!

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