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  1. jed richard imbraguglio iii

    I recommend this whenever WW2, Judaism, or The Holodomor comes up in conversation. It takes a while to really sink in before you truly understand the ramifications of what is being exposed. Just an incredible documentary.

  2. 20 years ago I worked for an elderly woman named Hilde. I took care of her. She lived through the greatest mass rape in the history of the world. Hilde said that when jewish controlled soviet forces entered Germany, rapes did not begin immediately. Leaders of the communist military told Germans that they would be left unharmed. As your excellent movie points out, the soviets were friendly in the first wave. This was part of the diabolical jewish plan. Had the rapes begun straight away, word would have spread and Germans would have fled. Instead Germans stayed put. Once soviet forces were thoroughly imbedded in Germany, orders were given, by the jews in charge, to rape every German woman. Most of the soldiers were Asiatic, Mongolian half breeds with slanty eyes. jews intended to bastardize the entire German race. Miraculously, very few births resulted from this horror. Hilde said that the soviet soldiers were as raging lunatics, which makes sense, since they had lost their souls by submitting to jewish Communism.

  3. The lies we have been ‘taught’ are beyond monumental.
    The utter wordless evil that Bolshevik khazarian, in fact all Jews. yes all fester inside and manifest into the world in unabated hostile, insane revelry is unmatched even in the devil itself. No evil can exist in hell as has been implemented on earth by godless men.
    White gentile ethnic cleansing, genocide not matched in such horror as in Russia and Germany. I am so sorry for what you endured 🙁
    Now they are slowly building up to committing this atrocity yet again European countries incrementally and must be stopped.
    People need to know the lies that they live and believe.

  4. It is now 25th July 2022, and I recently watched this documentary, having no idea for the last 66 years that this ever occured. History has been manipulated so outrageously by those in the position to do so that very few humans have any idea of the horrors rent on the German people or indeed other nations by so called Allied forces. I’m Australian and so horrified by all these truths coming to light. It is time the whole of humanity was told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and the perpetrators of ALL crimes against humanity arrested and tried for their horrific crimes. God Bless humanity. I’m so sorry.

  5. Hi, I’m yet to see the full production but I have seen segments. It’s a terrible, god forsaken tragedy what happened to Germany and her people, thank you for spreading the word!

  6. Kyle, I’ve watched the film, listened to your interview with Tom and Henrik of RedIce, and plan on reading the book. I supplemented your film with Europa: The Last Battle and The Greatest Story Never Told. I genuinely feel you have made such an impact on many, many people, and that your efforts have aided the future of Whites. I appreciate your words and vision of Tom’s book, and that you speak out about this colossal lie. I hope you continue to make films, speak up and out, and never back down. Your film is being spread around, and I am passing it on myself. Prost my friend, JB

  7. I am a 33 year old German woman and I am just NOW learning about the true history of my people. All my life we have gotten all sorts of stuff shoved down our throats that teaches the German people that we were (are) a horrible Nazi nation who terrorized everyone. Not once have I heard anything about what has been done to my ancestors. In our own history classes in school we demonize ourselves – and I recently learned that this is due to an ongoing psy-ops operation. I first watched “Other losses” and then I came across this. I started crying just 5 minutes in. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS DOCUMENTARY.

    • Your people and, obviously, race has been the bravest and most capable in the world. Everyone’s envy. The only one to dare shake off the bloodsucking Evil and to try to unite and defend their country against it. The only one to dare spell out factual truths. Evil is too powerful in this life, however, by using tools outside of our comprehension, such as immense perversity and lying, bribing and coercion, and atrocious slaughter (as that of tens of millions of the old Russian people, too). It engulfed the world and stirred the mobs to unleash an unimaginable genocide and rape onto your men and women, boys and girls. All while trumpeting the contrary and outright lies to the world through their owned media and pawns, relentlessly, to this day. Now you’re deep under their foot and your people has been inter-mixed, brainwashed, and changed, but those perished men and women shall live in our memory forever.


  8. Thank you so much for this documentary. I have uncovered a lot of lies this year because of this covid hoax. I am in England and I’m my life I have never heard this side of the story. I wrote a piece about how holocaust denial is a criminal offence in many European countries and in Russia and Israel. I wrote the article because I wanted to compare holocaust denial to how they are treating covid denial in real time and wondering where this will go. Your doc alongside “the greatest story never told” has been so profound to me. I will go through the other comments because I’m eager to learn more about the actual truth of ww2. I’m feeling very bad for Germany too. It seems the world over we have been fed one of the biggest lies ever

  9. Wir haben Juli 2020 und ich sehe diesen Film das erste Mal. Ich mußte ihn öfter unterbrechen, weil ich es kaum ausgehalten habe.
    FĂŒr uns war der Krieg nie zu Ende, wir werden noch immer ausgeblutet bis zum Letzten. Seit 2015 haben wir neue Feinde im Land, die unsere Diktatur hereingeholt hat. Wenn die Alliierten etwas wieder gutmachen wollen, dann helfen sie uns jetzt und stellen die Gerechtigkeit wieder her , geben uns unsere Freiheit zurĂŒck und befreien uns von diesem Irrenhaus, das sich in Berlin festgesetzt hat und den Kallergi Plan durchziehn will, sonst gibt es uns bald nicht mehr.
    Ich danke Ihnen fĂŒr diesen Film mit von TrĂ€nen blinden Augen, Gott schĂŒtze Sie und Ihren Mut, die andere Seite zu zeigen. DANKE!!!

  10. If you had to be tricked into going to war by shenanigans such as the battleship Maine incident, the Luisitania incident, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident or 9/11 then you were on the wrong side.

  11. Review:
    I’ve never once been so emotionally moved by a film. This work of art delivered a historically accurate account of events that appears to be attempting to be objective as possible. Alongside this objectivity, the film provides provocative imaging to support their rhetoric, and this makes for a contiguous and complementary asset to the delivery of the film.
    All in all, this film was a pleasure to sit and I highly recommend it; this film is a must-watch while learning about WWII and propaganda. Students may even find this film more engaging than others because of it’s taboo nature and novelty effect, while still greatly providing a common ground to capture the viewer’s attention.
    In Canada, WWII education starts early, sometimes even in elementary school. To be able to provide both sides of the story for students, future and past, will help mould better critical thinkers and leaders of the future. Through objective appraisals of events and proper delivery, much of the one-sided, Allied written historical texts can be revised for their biases and censorship.
    This film is an excellent starting point for someone who is looking for a short introduction about pre-WWII Germany and how ‘it’ all came to be.

    Personal Note:
    It’s seldom that I revisit documentaries, but this is one that I will return to. The next time I sit this film, I’m going to have a pen and pad with me to do a ‘close-watching’ of the film. I’m interested in what else I can dig up with the information provided throughout the film, and reviewing the film once more will provide me with ample direction and resources.

  12. For some reason when I was in high school and was taught that Germany started both world wars, I just didn’t believe it. After watching this movie and reading some books on the subject, it was no surprise that both wars were instigated by England, knowing their history. Look what England did to the Irish, Scottish, Chinese, India and so on. The sad part is that the United States was duped into both world wars. Sad Germany will never be the jewel of Europe, it would have been so beneficial for the world.

  13. Watched the Documentary. Good Job! Ado-plh the Great was right. President Roosevelt lied to America by hiding East, Wind, Rain. He knew what day and hour that Yamamoto was coming to bomb Pearl harbor and let it happen. This happens because President Wilson gave the imposter Jews (Revelations 2:9 and Genome Project) control over America’s banking system via the Federal Reserve and IRS. America will be majority non white in 2043 if we do not stop it we will be finished!

    God Bless DIXIE!

  14. I want to thank Mr. Goodrich for this incredible work. Oh how we need liberated from the tyranny and lies of censorship and manipulation of history! The evil force which has done this to the collective mind of western society is nothing less than diabolical! Thanks to good men like Mr. Goodrich, Dennis Wise, and others, my once brainwashed intellect is seeing things new and from the angle of truth instead of the angle of a sinister and nefarious agenda!

  15. Warriors of the Rainbow

    Growing up , I was taught in school that both world wars were started by Germany but the exact reason as to why the greatest and the wealthiest industrial country of that era would start a war was never mention.Nor were we told that the extreme conditions imposed on Germany by bankers would naturally leads to another great war. It was never mention what caused the hyperinflation prior to WW2 or specifically who cause this. Maybe we could speculate it was parasitic bankers.

    It didn’t may any sense then , nor now after 40 years. It was not known by anyone. The same propaganda was parroted by every book, Hollywood movie and all the so called official documentaries. It was also mentioned that a certain group was targeted . It took me about 40 years on my own research to find out, as the real truth had be destroyed , became forbidden knowledge, a great taboo to ask clarifying questions or research ,was layered with many lies and the real fact were safely hidden.

    Till very recently most of the historic records were still classified and inaccessible to the general public. David Irving mentions that Churchill/WW2 documents are still classified after 50 years as it is controversial and a so called military secret. Secret within secrets. Every information needs to be protected ,made unavailable to the general public and protected by law. Isn’t that strange. After all it was a straight forward war, a whole war effort to kill a group of people. So why all this secrecy?

    Many researchers have already mentioned that truth doesn’t need laws to protect it if things were as if reported by the so called victors nay conspirators. If it was so simple as a war was started just for fun and targeting a group while giving up peace and so much wealth then why all this secrecy, off limits records , forbidden research and the need for everyone to accept the official version. Unfortunately the Germans were the real holocaust victims of this cruel machination by international bankers who had their plans to enslave Germany due to its immense wealth which they succeed for 70 years now. However with the internet era everything cannot be contained anymore. Hence now internet controls.

    Words like historical revisionism have been coined to protect the great lie. It is quoted that Dwight D. Eisenhower said “God, I hate the Germans…” and all of us if possible must do the same . Also we are not allowed to hate the bankers who keep starting unwanted wars and killing innocents civilian till now eg Iraq( still searching for weapon of mass destruction) , Afghanistan ( they forgot to tell us why they started a war there – hey no worries we are used to misinformation, disinformation or no information) and 9/11 ( we blew our own buildings ). I don’t think we can even hate war as we must wait for the parasitic bankers approval and permission to do so.

    What happened to Germany is the template for things happening till now and to come : deceptive lies, unwarranted secrecies, targeted genocide , wanton destruction, protected agenda and mindless wars .

    Humanity must admit that all current political systems especially democracy is a failure as the politicians can no longer be entrusted to protect the citizens but rather bow down to parasitic bankers .In recent times Spain, Greece ,Venezuela were the targeted with sudden bank runs, deceptive food shortages, planned economic collapse and financed rioting. No one will be spared from this madness.

    Humanity must collective rise assume control of this crazed war frenzy and ensure peace for our times as no one else will do it for us. We need to embrace the methods of the aboriginal people like native Americans to understand universal love for mother earth and then we can be ensure peace for humanity.

  16. The allied scum and their leaders who are sadistic prideful subhumans are enjoying hell for eternity for what they did and still doing to the Germans and the rest of Europe. Rest in Peace to all the victims.


    HELLSTORM-TempĂȘte Infernale (2015) un film de Kyle HUNT

    Ce long-mĂ©trage documentaire est une production de 2015 et pour nous est une rare nouveautĂ© Ă  visionner sur internet. Mais attention, ce film n’est, pas disponible sur “YouTube” et pour la trĂšs simple raison que c’est un film anti-sioniste qui ouvre les yeus fermĂ©s! Ce long-mĂ©trage serait une adaptation de l’ouvrage homonyme de Thomas Goodrich et vous pouvez le visionner sur ce lien : https://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/ Il est affichĂ© au dĂ©but.

    L’ouvrage homonyme de Thomas Goodrich n’est pas non plus disponible aux bibilothĂšques municipales. Vous pouvez le verifier vous-mĂȘmes sur le site “paris-bibliothĂšques” de la RĂ©serve Centrale. Ni les bibliothĂšques de la rĂ©gion ne sont approvisionĂ©es de l’ouvrage. C’est une preuve que le status quo sioniste gouverne tout ce qui appartient Ă  l’Ă©tat ou Ă  la mairie. Une voix fĂ©minine commence en nous disant “les allemands ont beaucoup souffert aprĂšs la 1e guerre mondiale”. Sinead McCarthy et sa voix douce ajoute une tension Ă  cause du contraste avec les images. Elle nous dit un peu plus tard que Adolf Hitler a Ă©tĂ© Ă©lu “Man of the year” en 1933 par le “Time magazine”. Pourquoi pas “of the century”? L’action continue avec les images en couleurs des ruines de Hambourg, la premiĂšre ville allemande bombardĂ©e en 1945. Le cauchemar est accentuĂ© partout sur les gravats et les cadavres ramassĂ©s sur la rue: plus de deux cent mille! Un chariot transportant un bĂ©bĂ© est en flammes tandis que les cadavres sont allongĂ©s partout. Un des juifs Ă  avoir commander cette catastrophe Ă©tait le sioniste Ilya Erhenburg avec sa volontĂ© imprimĂ©e sur tous les journaux conseille : “Kill them all”! Donc pour ce juif et pour tous les alliĂ©s, tous les allemands Ă©taient coupĂąbles de cette situation puisqu’ls ont votĂ© pour Hitler en 1933 (notre conclusion Ă©vidente). La Red Army soviĂ©tique et les autres alliĂ©s ont contribuĂ© aussi au massacre spirituel des allemands neutres. Les amĂ©ricains et leurs alliĂ©s ont commis des actes barbares de viol sur de filles mineures allemandes. Nous voyons leurs cadavres malmenĂ©s reproduits par les opĂ©rateurs de l’Ă©poque.

    Quelques autres allemands ont decidĂ© de fuir ce spactacle de dĂ©solation en prenant les bateaux trĂšs surchargĂ©s afin de s’Ă©chapper ailleurs. Mais un peu plus tard ils ont Ă©tĂ© rempli de torpilles par les alliĂ©s et, par consĂ©quent, noyĂ©s sur les eaux glacĂ©s. Sur les camps de concentration de l’Ă©tranger,les soldats allemands qui sont restĂ©s vivants, ont Ă©tĂ© abattus par la Red Army Ă  l’aveuglette. Une conclusion anticipĂ©e, pusque nous n’allons pas vous parler de la fin,serait que “Eisenhower a tuĂ© plus que Hitler”. Et puisque le viol Ă©tait trĂšs frĂ©quent par les G.I. nous avons aussi remarquĂ© “une touche Richard Kern” mais documentaire(pas en reconstitution) dans le film, surtout pour les images de l’Ă©poque en noir et blanc.

    Ă©crit par Dionysos ANDRONIS

  18. Christopher Downing

    Great movie/documentary. So much history/happenings, which the history books, school systems & teachers don’t know about. There’s no way to know everything about what really happened and how things transpired.
    Hitler should have been happy with acquiring the lands taken from Germany and built a great country leaving the rest of the Europe alone.

    Great, I loved it. Real eye opener.

    • What the Germans did was purely defensive in nature.
      All they wanted was to keep the British out of Europe.
      Please read my comment down below I wrote a few months ago in september 2018.
      I mentioned some newspaper headlines from 1940s where it is clearly pointed out that this war (like the first world war) was forced on Germany and all german peace offers were rejected by Churchill.
      Hitler himself told us that he did not like the war and therefore he was almost begging die Allies not to wage war (or force the war on him). A Reichstag speech in this matter was transmitted over 1000 radiostations all over the world. Nobody can say this is not true. Hitler was highly decorated in WW1 (iron cross class 2 and class 1) and did one of the most dangerous jobs. After he was injured he went back out of the hospital directly to the front deliberately.
      So he knew what war is about. He told us the war only prevents him to do something better for Germany. And why did stupid Poland not accept his proposals? All he wanted was a railroad and a 3 kilometer wide “corridor” to East Prussia. Poland did not accept because polish Marshal Smigly wanted the war too, and because England and the U.S. put pressure on Poland.

  19. This documentary is so offensive, so heartbreaking: it cuts down to the core of the soul. And for that I’m thankful, because now I know what to pray for. Now I know why my country is under a generational curse where we’re only getting worse and worse.

  20. As a young man, I recall asking my father about the Jew and their raping of the world’s economy. After MOSSAD’S 9/11 I began looking into many, many things I had thought were settled in my mind.
    As a German, (only 2nd gen in this evil nation), I often find myself quietly weeping for my fellows – Then the rage sets in. Not only for Germany, Russia, Italy etc. but for the Christian/Muslim Palestinians being OPENLY GENOCIDED with the assistance YET AGAIN of this sty for their kosher masters.
    may our Creator act soon to end this evil and bring down Satan, his Synagogue and this foul system.

    thank you

    • Dear Pete- not sure you’ll see this, as I’m posting so long after you poured out your courageous words, which mirror profound collective suffering… if you see this, please take a look/listen to this video: “John Lamb Lash – TZaddikim, Nazis, and the Master Race Ideology Behind AI” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBNBPmea7xw
      Best Wishes,

  21. Mawloud Ould Daddah


  22. Generation upon generation continue, prodded on by endless media distractions that perpetuate ignorance of truth, and recognition of evil in the psyche of man. All while people distrust their hearts intuition of peaceful abiding. All living a vicarious life an illusion without purpose. People are trained this way by marketing envy, jealousy and greed. Marketing of conflict and conquest over others by any and all means. Yet they can not see they are being programmed into a mass reactive psychosis, leaving them no rational mind of their own. This is what politically driven military instills in young boys minds.
    The “all-lies” point to the Germans “Brain washing” children to protect the “homeland” Yet this is exactly what the the U.S. does. It’s no different. B-17 bombers where flown by very young adults and they were not allowed to be over 17 or 18 years old, the oldest were never older that about 25.
    Yet Americans are so nieve of the root that grows the poisonous fruit pitting men against men… for financial superiority and control over others. The Capitalist/communists are slave run enterprises which is implemented by selling bond(age)s contracts to perform energy robbing of people that drive the cabals agenda of world domination.

    Germany pulled itself out of that cabals system by Adolf Hitler’s instilling courage to build it’s self up with out the “bankers”. Where Germany didn’t fall prey to the enslavement of the banking systems “interest-shackles”. All while the west and England were buried in a insurmountable economic depression, German figured out how to overcome. Well, The Banking cartel, which Churchill was apart of was setting up their plans for expanded slave state. But if Germany showed the world that the people could rise above the banking systems game it would ruin their plans. Germany had to be stopped from becoming financially independent. This is the same as why Omar Ghadafy and Siddam Hussein had to be stopped, because they too where showing that the BANKING cartel was being undermined and would disrupt the plans for a one world economic system.

    World War 1 put upon new, younger generations of Germany insurmountable debt not of their making and actually was hampering these younger generations a future. Despair and destitution was over-whelming when Hitler united the people of all of Germany to work as a whole for their mutual benefit, and turned Germany into a prospering nation all while depression was devouring England and the U.S.
    Further, and therefore The All-Lies destroyed Germany’s manufacturing capacity, all laboring people and facilities were incinerated, not primarily because of the factories were producing war machines but to put an end to manufacturing competition, for German products were superior.

    On the Mind front of people in America though, the MSM only expresses
    “front-line head-lines” Never showing a balanced reflection of the monetary issues behind the reason for going to war. So the the recruits just jump in by being coerced by instilled fear and not knowing the agenda of Churchill. And to, never told about the Poland’s instigating of confrontation in Dansig. All the American news papers ever said was oh, “Germany invades Poland” never explaining why, and that the Pols were killing Germans but the hundreds, and “for what?”.
    The 1939 Danzig Massacres
    The Polish Bolsheviks kill 58,000 German Nationals in the Danzig corridor In the months leading up to the German invasion the Polish Army and independent Bolshevik units had been slaughtering German nationals in the Danzig corridor. Mass killings of thousands of civilian ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) by both civilian and Russian NDVK Jews, who were confident that Poland would quickly defeat Germany. Many apparently expected to take possession of German farms and businesses. An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion.

    SO Who started WW2 ? If the Dansig Corridor gave free movement of Germans from East Prussia, then Germany would not have retaliated to the Pols.

  23. The greater horror and the greater lie in the history of humanity.

    I felt really shocked. It’s terrible to face the truth.

    You have to be really brave to go on in this world of lies and injustice.

  24. Kyle, I thank you for having produced this documentation.
    This will change the view the world looks onto us, the Germans.
    I am reading the book of Benton Bradberry: “The Myth of german Villainy”.
    This widened my knowledge and view extremely how evil the allies were and how our good nation was devastated twice, and the war is still ongoing, against us, and against you as well. Hermann Goering stated to my knowledge already in 1940 that this war was against the white race. This was incredibly clearsighted. Where we are now is all a result of these two bad wars. Germany had no guilt whatsoever. It was a fight for germany to survive.
    Hitler never wanted war nor the Kaiser did.
    What a tragedy. And again I learned one more thing:
    The force behind that all was international jewry – they have admitted it themselves:
    The jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago 8 Oct 1940:
    „When the national Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this (the war) is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right“

    Weizmann to Churchill Sept. 1940:
    „We managed to drag the United States into the first world war and if they (the US) do what we demand in regards to Palestine and the jewish armed forces, then we can get the Jews in the USA to drag the United States into this one (second world war) too.“

    Zionist Emil Ludwig Cohn:
    „Hitler does not want war but he will be forced to it, and in fact soon.
    England has the final say like in 1914.“

    Joseph Trimble, The american Hebrew:
    „On the 3rd of June, 1938, the american Hebrew boasted that they had jews in foremost positions of influence in Britain, Russia and France and that these „three sons of Israel“ will be sending the Nazi dictator to hell“

    Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Times March 29th, 1939:
    „The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world“

    Central Blad voor Israeliten in Nederland, Sept 13th, 1939:
    „The millions of jews who live in America, England and France, North and south Africa, and, not forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.“

    The World Conquerors, Louis Marshalko:
    „In loosing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power, therefore it was determined to re-conquer it“

    Rabbi Felix Mendelsohn, Chicago Sentinel October 8th, 1942:
    The second world war is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism“

    And the jews have no sympathy for any country they live in, not even for America which is fighting all their wars. Examples are the attack on the liberty and 911. And now they try to flood us all with blacks and muslims.
    Thats also a jewish evil task which is being performed on large scale.
    We must fight back.

    • Gerhard,
      I want to say this to a German person; it has broken my heart to finally learn the truth about what we in the old British Empire did to your people. I was born in Australia in 1967 and all my life I was lied to about the true nature of these wars. To think of our people not only throwing away their lives but also killing you fine people, and for what? Jewish bankers! It is beyond outrageous.

      Then there are the Communist who we sided with in The Second World War. I took no part in these events, they happened before I was born, but I feel sorry.


      • I salute you David for your comment.
        Highly appreciated!
        Its so true what you say.
        I also was lucky enough not to have witnessed these cruelties with my own eyes. But for all my life I have been living with the burden that my Grandfather or some other ancestor might have done these cruelties they were accused of and why I also had to feel guilty. And the usual suspects made great efforts to keep this feeling alive.
        Now it turns out all this was a big big lie.
        Nobody can hide the truth. Its only a matter of time when the truth becomes evident. The time is now.
        When I was 15y I asked my Grandma about the holocaust. Her answer was: “We did not know about that.”
        Now I know why she did not know.
        And she always refused to talk about war saying “DonÂŽt lets talk about this. I got fed up with war!”

    • Poor Hitler. He did not want the war. He only swallowed Czechoslovakia because he was so desperately asked by his friend Henlein. Go to hell with your lies. This is absurd what you are doing here.

  25. Words can not express my love for this unforgettable piece of work. When I first watched this documentary, it left an emotional scar on my heart that I shall never forget. This documentary was a key factor that led me to the truth about World War II. I am now a proud National Socialist living a holy life – well at least trying to. With that being said, I give thanks to every individual who contributed to “Hellstorm.” If you just do happen to be reading this, and haven’t watched this documentary, I HIGHLY recommend it.

    Gott Segne Dich!
    (God Bless You)

    • national socialist sounds like a thing of the past

      I live in italy and we dont have the sense of guilt that germany was forced to have from the end of the war..
      it means that fascism has never been understood and it’s used for political reasons.. strumentalized
      history should be free of judgement and morals

  26. Thank you for taking the time to make this information available. I cannot call this a film because it would be a disservice to all those that suffered and died. I hope people will take action when they see this, action against those that are still at war against us.

  27. Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate

    A book review by Thor Magnusson

    Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think. Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we act. Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think and the way we act. Such a book was Hellstorm–The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. That masterpiece by Thomas Goodrich changed forever not only how we would view World War Two, but it changed how we would view the world itself. For the first time since it happened, because of one bold and breath-taking book, the scales fell from our eyes and we were finally able to see free and unfettered what the abomination called World War Two was really all about. Swept forever into a dark, dirty corner was the filth and disease of seventy years of Jewish propaganda, seventy years of Jewish lies about the so-called “Good War” and the so-called “Greatest Generation,” seventy years of Jewish mendacity about who was bad and who was good. Suddenly, overnight, replacing those lies was an honest, impartial, unbiased, but driving, relentless, and utterly merciless account of the fate that befell Germany in 1945.

    As incredible as Hellstorm was, is, and will always remain, we now know it was only half the story. While the bloody obscenity that was World War Two was being acted out against a largely helpless German population by as evil a cast of creatures as ever haunted any hell anywhere, a similar horror show was taking place on the far side of the globe. And what is revealed in Tom Goodrich’s latest book, Summer, 1945–Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate, is a story so savage and sadistic as to numb the senses.

    While some of the events described in Summer, 1945 will be familiar to readers of Hellstorm, many will not. Clearly, the author did a vast amount of new research for this new book since much material is previously unknown, especially regarding the contributions of the “Greatest Generation” to its already ghastly list of war crimes against Germany. In fact, what was previously revealed about the Americans in Hellstorm, horrific as it was at the time, was only the faintest foretaste of what was to come in Summer, 1945. For example. . . .

    Massive, monstrous, staggering as was the scale of Red Army rape in Germany, it now seems clear that the Americans were not far behind, if behind they were at all. Simply put: No one in control cared. Far from trying to halt the nonstop sexual attacks that their men committed against helpless German females, US officers, like Soviet officers, either ignored them, laughed at them, or actively encouraged them. Upon entering their communities, American officers forced Germans to write the age and sex of all occupants in their homes, then ordered the lists nailed to doors. “The results are not difficult to imagine,” said one horrified priest from a village where women and children were soon staggering to the local hospital after the predictable sexual assaults commenced. Some US generals even blamed the victims themselves for their own gang rape when they dared leave their homes to beg for food. Lt. General Edwin Clarke went further when he announced that the thousands of rape reports in his area were nothing more than a conspiracy by die-hard Nazis to belittle and embarrass his well-behaved and totally innocent troops. Clarke apparently believed that the hundreds of thousands of beaten, bruised and bleeding women and children were all liars with self-inflicted sex wounds. Also, to drive home German defeat, it was noted that GIs were being ordered by their “political officers” to make the gang rapes as public as possible. Although such brutal attacks were already common on streets and sidewalks, in schools and shops, an audience of family members was the preferred crowd for gang rape. Forcing German men to watch was also favored by the Americans, just as it was by their communist comrades.

    Another hideous American war crime, a despicable act of hate and savagery, was the cold-blooded murder of SS and Wehrmacht soldiers the moment they surrendered their weapons. “You will not accept the surrender of any German SS,” announced one American general, demonstrating his commitment to barbarity and a criminal contempt for the Geneva Convention. By the tens of thousands these German soldiers, some of the best fighters the world had ever seen, were shown no mercy by the cowardly US murderers. In one massacre alone over seven hundred SS men were murdered in a matter of minutes; in another massacre, five hundred died, and so on.

    “The Americans forced the Germans to walk in front of them with raised hands,” said an eyewitness regarding one group of fifty. “Then they shot the prisoners in their heads from behind.”

    Additionally, the unbelievably sick and sadistic torture camps operated by the US Army and European Jews in Germany and Poland was on a psychopathic scale beyond belief. Well over a hundred thousand German men, women and even children suffered brutal deaths in these nightmarish torture pens. One might have imagined, and one would have certainly hoped, that after Hellstorm nothing more could have possibly been added to this perfectly hellish script of torture—victims buried alive, women forced to lay with and kiss rotting corpses–but one would have imagined wrong. Those few who survived these demonic camps. where dying was a thing to be postponed, not hurried, could no longer be called human. Of virtually all German men and boys who somehow survived to reach home, it was noticed all had their reproductive organs destroyed beyond repair.

    But horrific as the so-called “peace” in Germany was, perhaps the greatest revelations for readers of Summer, 1945 come in the war chapters devoted to Japan. From the first page forward we readers, especially we Americans readers raised on the mythology of the “Dirty Jap,” will find our world of make believe turned upside down and inside out. Winners do write the history. And never was this more apt and terribly illustrated than in the case of America’s victory over Japan.

    With the possible exception of the so-called Jewish “Holocaust,” one of the greatest lies to emerge from WWII and survive for over seventy years in tact, is the one we have been told over and over ever since December 7, 1941, viz., that the Japanese soldier was a mindless, murderous automaton, that he would never surrender, that he would always fight to the death, that he “lived to die” for the Emperor, that suicide was his second nature, and so on. There is no truth to any of these fairy-tales. Such a revelation as I have just stated here should not have come as any great surprise to anyone when they think about it, but it did come as a great shock to me and it will to everyone else, I am sure. When one has been told a “truth” such as this about the “robotic” Japanese soldier, a truth told for so many years from so many sources, one simply believes it as totally, completely and mindlessly as they believe in the Jewish Holocaust or that night follows day. After reading a few pages of Summer, 1945, however, it will be very clear to everyone that never was there a greater falsehood.

    While reading what the opposing sides thought, in their own words, it is quickly clear that emotionally there was no appreciable difference between what a Japanese eighteen-year-old wanted and what an American eighteen-year-old wanted. First and foremost, both wanted to live. Both wanted to survive the war so that each might return home and marry that girl they loved so much, to have kids, to get a good job, to buy a car, to raise a small garden, to play in the backyard with pets. The problem for the Japanese was that Americans were taking no prisoners. From the very first battle on Guadalcanal when frightened young Japanese began walking forward with their hands held high to surrender muttering the only English word they knew, “Mercy, mercy,” US Marines began mowing them down . . . all of them, not just an isolated few here and there . . . all of them. In countless testimonies, it is readily apparent that Japanese soldiers in hopeless situations would have gladly surrendered, by the thousands, if only they could. The hatred was so great, however, and the propaganda so virulent following President Franklin Roosevelt’s orchestrated attack at Pearl Harbor that American soldiers, sailors and airmen were simply taking no prisoners, nor did the folks back home or their commanders want them to.

    “You will take no prisoners, you will kill every yellow son-of-a-bitch, and that’s it,” yelled a marine colonel as he and his men were about to land on one island.

    Thus, the manufactured belief after Pearl Harbor that the Japanese always fought to the death and never surrendered worked perfectly into the deep desire of Americans to kill the “sneaky Japs,” kill them all. And so, with no option now but to fight fanatically to the death, the Japanese did. And thus, it was a case where propaganda became a self-fulfilling truth.

    Added to the merciless murder of helpless enemy soldiers was the torture and mutilation the Americans inflicted on those who were merely wounded. Ears, noses, fingers, toes, and other body parts were cut off the dead and dying for souvenirs; heads were hacked off and their “cured” skulls then sold to sailors or sent home to friends and family members; even Roosevelt received a letter opener carved from a Japanese arm bone.

    “This is the sort of gift I like to get,” beamed the US president proudly.

    The few Japanese who were in fact saved for interrogation were kept alive only as long as their information was useful, then they too were shot, bayoneted or pushed from flying aircraft.

    Another falsehood that has existed as fact for the past seventy years is that the US military conducted itself properly during the occupation of Japan and helped the defeated nation gently back to its feet during peace. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. From the day they arrived, the Americans took ruthless control of what little remained of the destroyed nation. Women, children and the elderly were thrown into the streets and forced to shift among the ruins as best they could. At every available opportunity, Japanese men suffered humiliation and degradation and many were slapped, kicked and beaten in public “for fun.” All Japanese were treated like third-class citizens for years. Starvation stalked the land even before the conquerors arrived but though the Americans had a surplus to draw from food was denied to the people, just as it was in Germany. As a result, it is likely that millions perished during the first years of occupation. It was noticed that starving children were smaller in 1946 than they were in 1936.

    Additionally, just as in Germany, rape reared its filthy head in “peace.” From the moment American troops came ashore on Saipan and Okinawa—two Japanese islands with large civilian populations–rape of females, and sometimes rape of males, began. And just as in Germany following its surrender, the violent sexual assaults in Japan continued unabated for years. No one in power, from General Douglas MacArthur down, was concerned in the least about the despicable, plague-like crime. Indeed, MacArthur was much more concerned with censoring the news of rape from the outside world than stopping rape in Japan itself. It is estimated that over a million Japanese women and children were raped after the war.

    There are many other shocking revelations that might be lifted from this blistering book but then, after all, this is only a review of the book and not the book itself. Readers will have to discover the rest of this startling, riveting read for themselves. Truly, Summer, 1945 is aptly subtitled, “the harvest of hate.”

    In closing, a few final thoughts on the author himself. Anyone who has read anything by Tom Goodrich knows that he is a passionate man who writes with great power, strength and scope. It is a trademark that sets him apart from others. But his books also reveal the inner-writer; a writer within who displays a large heart and soul. One senses early in a book that Goodrich actually cares about his subjects. There is, of course, the larger focus of each book, the “big picture,” but Goodrich never loses touch with the small, the fragile, the seeming insignificant, the all-but-forgotten. A touching example is offered in Summer, 1945 when a Japanese adolescent, whose face has been melted beyond recognition by the atomic blast at Hiroshima, makes plans to kill herself rather than be chained for the remainder of her life to the face of a monster. Just as the child is about to commit the final act, she overhears in the next room her anguished father quietly discussing his daughter with her mother. Sadly agreeing that the child’s face is indeed hideous beyond belief, the man then states with both pain and love in each word that he loves his girl so much that her life, not her looks, is all that matters to him. Stunned, never imagining that anyone could ever love her again with such a terrifying face, the words of love were startling to the child, so startling that she suddenly realized that although death would indeed release her from a life of pain and shame, such a selfish act would only add to the heartbreak of her father. The girl matures to womanhood when she decides then and there to accept her fate, deal with her problems herself, and simply be thankful for the love that still blesses her life when so many others are now bereft of all.

    Generally, to reach an honest and accurate understanding of an event such as World War Two, one must be so dedicated to the truth that they are prepared to plow through days, weeks, months, and years of dry, sterile material filled with tedious facts, figures and stats. Few of us have the time, patience or stamina for such research. Thankfully, there are those like Tom Goodrich who do have what it takes for the long haul. Ultimately, it is the “long haul” that delivers the details of history from which comes what we know as truth. Without our history, without our truth, we are nothing as a people. That’s why our enemy is so determined to hide or distort our history; it is also why people like Tom Goodrich are so determined to retrieve our history. Discovering the truth of our history, even after decades of propaganda and lies, is what will ultimately set us free. These two books—Summer, 1945 and Hellstorm–have gone a very long way toward setting us free. And this is what makes Thomas Goodrich’s writing style so special. Almost in spite of ourselves, we sense the truth in his words. We, the readers, are drawn into a Goodrich book before we hardly know it. Truth is like that, like a strong magnet. A day or two later, when one emerges from the book–one “emerges” from a Tom Goodrich book, they never “finish” something that stays with them forever—they feel like they are different people; they have been to places that they never knew existed; they have gone to worlds that they were not supposed to go; they have gained knowledge and understanding that they were never meant to gain. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an uncanny writing ability. We call it genius.

    Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate has already taken its place with Hellstorm as one of the all-time most memorable and important books ever written, not just on World War Two, but on history in general. If that sounds biased, that’s because it is. We White Nationalists are extremely fortunate to have one of the world’s finest and most dedicated historians fighting on our side. People like Thomas Goodrich are why we are winning and why our victory is just a matter of time.

    • Summer, 1945 and Hellstorm can each be purchased at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Booksamillion.com, and through the author’s website at thomasgoodrich.com. For faster delivery, order each book separately via the author’s paypal at mtgoodrich@aol.com ( $20 US / $25 Abroad ) or order both books together as one ($40 US / $50 Abroad )

  28. darrell ernest rolstone

    Excellent…..and shocking documentary! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone involved for bring the truth out! OMG….what lies we have been fed! Darrell Rolstone

  29. While most would agree war was necessary to counter and ultimately destroy the Nazi regime, there is NO excuse for what was actually MORE evil than anything the Nazis did! I naively thought we were the ‘good guys’… insofar as how ‘good’ one can be when engaged in a war. I’m not saying the allies didn’t do terrible things, war changes people… more like we were the lesser of two evils. I know now that was never true, and I personally want to apologize for what my country and it’s allies did to the Germans near the end of the war.

    Doing nothing would have been better than what we did as described in this documentary. We devolved into a lower form of life than that which so horrified an entire planet.

    It sickens me to know American, Russian, and British soldiers performed this incomprehensible, unforgivable and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY evil. Absolute evil. The Nazis didn’t even come close to these abominations!

    If they wanted to kill the Germans, then fucking kill the Germans… how can one deny Hell’s existence when these poor souls were IN IT?

  30. I’m a retired career firefighter and have seen my share of what human bodies look like after vehicle accidents and fires, and thought I was hardened to those pitiful sights, but that didn’t stop me from getting nauseous when reading the excellent “Hellstorm” book on the War Crimes committed by the Allies in Germany.

  31. Los vencedores nos dijeron en 1945 que habĂ­an acabado con el mal… Que el mundo estarĂ­a a salvo, que ya no habrĂ­an mas guerras, que el demonio que querĂ­a conquistar al mundo habĂ­a desaparecido, que los que se creĂ­an la raza superior ya no lo serian mas… Nos dijeron que estaban llevando a cabo un proceso que llamaron: La desnazificacion para librarnos del mal para siempre sin la posibilidad de que renaciera…
    Ahora yo me pregunto: Del 45 a hoy 2018 no han habido mas guerras, mas muertes, mas masacres y mas demonios sueltos que los supuestos que nos dijeron? Del 45 a hoy no ha habido una esclavizaciĂłn sistemĂĄtica de los pueblos del planeta entero? Esos supuestos mĂĄrtires y exterminados; que son mas blancos que la leche y no se mezclan con los negros, no son los dueños del mundo hoy dĂ­a? A los supuestos genocidas no les exterminaron de manera brutal el 30% de su poblaciĂłn? No le violaron al 80% de sus mujeres y no los han sometido por mas de 60 años a cargar una culpa inventada por los malditos vencedores? los vencedores dan asco! Manipularon todo, se robaron todo, se llevaron a los supuestos malos alemanes a sus paĂ­ses a que sirvieran para ellos!!! Usaron todos los inventos alemanes para su beneficio!!! Terminaron con el Ășnico paĂ­s que realmente tenia felicidad y justicia social en el planeta. Se aseguraron que nunca mas un poder originario, noble, fiel a la gente y no al dinero se levantara de nuevo para destruir su imperio de dinero, usura, corrupciĂłn, inmoralidad y poder… Jamas en la historia humana habrĂĄ un LĂ­der mas grande que Adolf Hitler!!! Ni un movimiento mas bello que el Nacional Socialismo!!! El Ășnico error de los NS fue querer un mundo mejor! Sieg Heil…

  32. I’m not sure which is worse: the persecution of Germans, or the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners/cultivators, or even both. (Falun Dafa is also known as Falun Gong.)

    Besides, as I posted at the Renegade Tribune: http://www.renegadetribune.com/ten-planks-communist-manifesto-united-states/#comments

    If anyone wants to read the preface of the new series, entitled The Ultimate Goal of Communism, look no further here: http://printarchive.epochtimes.com/a1/en/us/nyc/2017/12/01_The%20Epoch%20Times/A12.pdf

    And here: https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-epoch-times-exclusive-series-the-ultimate-goal-of-communism_2366899.html

    Here are some gems from the preface:

Many other countries in Africa and South America have ruled under the guise of a republic or a democratic nation, but are in fact practicing socialism. What’s more, there are also countries in Europe and North America that are not aware how their values have been eroded by communism.”

    “After losing their culture, humanity will lose their standards for how to be human. In the eyes of gods, people will become mere animals covered in human skin—incapable of restraining themselves through morality—leading to their rapid descent toward depravity. They will be rendered unable to understand the heavenly message the Creator will reveal to save people. Consequently, people will lose their chance of being saved when calamity strikes. This is the biggest cataclysm awaiting all lives—to be forever destroyed—and the communist specter’s ultimate goal.”

    In Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

  33. We today are the ultimate victims of historical sleight of hand. The vilification of Germans is so instant and visceral as to be Pavlovian trained response. Otherwise intelligent people recoil at the mere thought of considering Germans as fellow human beings – no, they can only be Nazis and nothing else. WW1 and WW2 are both blamed on them. It was an unholy alliance between England and Communism to destroy Germany who was the major competitor to both countries as well as France. There is much “unlearning” needed and this film is a terrific effort in that direction. Information and footage must have been extremely hard to come by as the Allied stranglehold on post-war Germany was complete. This allowed them to craft the current holocaust narrative which oddly enough didn’t register in the public consciousness until almost 30 years after the war was over. Why was the 1st book not written until the 1960’s? It was only my childhood fascination with WW2 and my high opinion of Germany’s arms and armed forces that have allowed me to breakthrough the propaganda. Thank you for making this film, it is a testament to truth in a time of universal deceit. It required personal bravery unimaginable to undertake and finish such a project. May this film one day be required viewing for students of history. God bless you and your collaborators.

  34. I know such narrations from my grandmother, she was in Berlin and has survived. All peoples have experienced something like this or will still experience it. Remember the gulags in Russia, remember China, remember Vietnam and not to mention that endless dying in African and Asian countries until today. These monsters kill all souls, no matter which nation. At some point, every country is on it, it is only a question of time. I wish no man would become a soldier and thus an animal in the war. May God help us and forgive us and them. My only hope is Jesus, to learn to love my enemy.

  35. It was your book that cleared up most of the lies that we ingested from this corrupt Zionist owned government in America about WWII . RESPECT ! Gentlemen, RESPECT ! Thank You

  36. César Peña

    En el PerĂș hay una lucha contra varios judios que se han apoderado de los medios y han sembrado corrupciĂłn en el PaĂ­s, por eso empecĂ© a dudar de la historia oficial, empecĂ© a investigar y encontrĂ© evidencia que me ha dejado lleno de sorpresas, sabĂ­a que iba a aparecer este material en alguna parte.
    Ahora se porque Hitler odiaba a los Judios, su abuela trabajo para los Rothschield asĂ­ se enterĂł de su hambre por el dinero y sangre, supo que estuvieron detrĂĄs de la guerras Napoleonicas y en la Primera guerra mundial, que conspiraron para vengarse del Zar de Rusia, consiguieron que Inglaterra les de Palestina a los JudĂ­os y humillaron a Alemania, despuĂ©s de dividir a todo el mundo se hicieron de mĂĄs dinero y mĂĄs sangre, al leer el Talmud supo que su comportamiento se basaba en ese libro y ellos consideraban bestias a los no judios y por eso los odiaba, pero no contaba que caerĂ­a en la manipulaciĂłn de quienes odiaba, en un pacto con los sionistas, expulso de Europa a los JudĂ­os hacia Israel y con el cuento del holocausto le puso mĂĄs eficiencia al regreso a Israel, despuĂ©s hicieron un holocausto con los Alemanes, ahora se ve como una verdad que para que el pueblo judio regrese a Israel se ha derramado demasiada sangre, esto parece cosa del demonio, en la historia de los Rothshield todo comienza con un pacto con el sello de Salomon o la estrella del dios Renfan o Lucifer, por eso su logia se llamaba los Iluminati, realmente despuĂ©s de conocer la historia, les tengo mucho miedo a los Judios, pero tambiĂ©n la historia me ha enseñado que un hombre los derroto hace 2000 años con amor y ese fue JesĂșs

  37. This is what should be taught in our schools – the real truth about WW2 – a much more honest look at Allied troops and the awful treatment of the entire German people.
    Germany has nothing to apologize for considering what was done to and German troops.
    Who were the real ‘bad guys’ – us of them?
    I would say it was us.
    War is bad for everyone and should be outlawed.

  38. You are a brave man seeking the truth in an Orwellian society at present. Both sides had atrocities but it appears the allied forces were designing planes and plans for killing civilian populations. After the war they were no better than animals and the Jews out for revenge were even worse. Sad story.

  39. My husband’s maternal side were and are ethnic Germans. They lived in Romania after the first world war, his aunt told me that after the first war, the Russians came to their village and took the young ethnic german males. They took their uncles during the night and killed them. The Russians also too her teenage sister and she was forced to work in the coal mines in northern Russia and was starved. We hear and learn about the Nazis and the horrible concentration camps but you never hear about Germany’s and the German’s awful history during and after the first war and their suffering.

  40. I sucker punched a kid, tried to kill him for his lunch money. But he had big brothers. They systematically and ruthlessly kicked my ass and degraded me in front of everyone. A few years later I was bigger and angry so I thought I’d get him back. This time I’d swiftly dispatch of them 1 at a time. Until I had all their shit and they where all dead. I found the kid 1st. I hurt him mercilessly and terribly and almost killed him. But then his brothers showed up again… They where also bigger and even more angry that I had not learned my lesson the first time. WHAT THEY THEN DID TO ME WAS A CRIME! They beat me to very near death. Cut off my hands & legs. Blinded me and hideously disfigured me. THEY SHOULD ALL BE EXECUTED! As soon as I can convince someone of this, Watch out! I will send them to first kill that boy, then kill every last one who helped him or even watched. I WILL HAVE MY JUSTICE!!!

    Great video if you can read between the lines. It’s hard to tell what’s fact and what’s there to sway opinions. Can hundreds of bombers in the middle of a night carpet bombing run really intentionally target a park because they know its full of civilians? Was that the plan in the pre run meeting? Is there any historical support for this or is it an opinion? I have more questions but lets start there.

    • You need to read up on the history of the Bolshevic Revolution and match the correlations. The ancient tribal Jewry are the inciters of all this madness. Goes way back before that event.
      Match the ‘story’ to today and see that
      Our comfortable days are numbered!

  41. I will keep my opinions on how the Germans invaded 35 countries and declared war on the USA, after USA declared war on Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor. I also wont mention anything about how the Jews in Germany were deprived of their rights and humanity because Jews in other countries wanted to scam Germany.
    I appreciate this film though because of its historicity in portraying the evils of war.
    I think we must stop our way of thinking of getting revenge, unless we want to go through it all over. We might think we have the stomach to kill these type of bad people, but it is just a circle we would be going through. Like the hillbilly clan wars, he kills your son, you kill his, then the brother kills someone else, it just keeps going. But what about all those innocent people, mostly like us, that just live day to day, working on farms or factories to make our community good, not having any ties with the world events, except paying taxes to the government, being raped or babies ran over or burnt alive. There is a lot of anger in seeing these atrocities and much to say, but we cant bring back those that died there back. Lets hope we can someday have world peace, big wish I know. Thanks for the documentary it was truthful.

    • The Germans [Aryans/ European/Nordic/Christians] were onto the genocidal tendencies of the Jewry at that time. The Americans were already sellouts to the Jewry by then.
      Stop paying your taxes NOW until you flushout the Zionists. The majority of your money goes to Israel to fund this evil. Stop ‘hoping’ for peace. Stand up and Speak, Take Action. We all are tied into world events by the taxes we pay ,like fools, blindly giving the Jewry thru their monopoly on banks etc.our ‘Lunch Money’ every day.
      ps. They have Trump by the balls! Wake up !

    • Good comment Tim.
      I dont know what your opinions how the Germans invaded 35 countries were.
      Can you enumerate those 35 countries?
      I know that Germany was at war around with 35 countries because they declared war against Germany, and I think formally these war declarations are active until today because they never signed a peace treaty with Germany. After all they had no possibility to do that, because the legal german government was murdered after Nuremberg and so they had no person entitled to sign a peace treaty and, the new “federal republic of Germany” has no right to do so and even does want to do so, like Foreign Minister Genscher admitted in 1990. So the war goes on.
      I am not aware of the fact that Germany invaded 35 countries.
      Ofcours many countries in Europe and north africa. But else? I dont think these account for 35 countries.
      Correct me if I am wrong.
      But: The invasion of all of these countries had only one major purpose: keep the british out of Europe.
      Belgium and Holland were not neutral. Czechoslovakia was no invasion, nor Austria was.
      Poland was provoked by the killing of 50.000 Germans by the poles. Russia also invaded Finland and Poland, nobody complained. Italy was no invasion. Russia was preemptive strike.
      What are those 35 countries?

  42. Fantastic work! This should be taught in every school and university. I feel my disgust for the ban on YouTube, but it definitely is telling and shows that in this day and age of deceit, your work speaks the truth, and obviously, the powers that be have to do their best to cover up their crimes and keep the masses as ignorant to their deeds as possible.

  43. This is the most important WW2 documentary of the new millennium. There’s no shortage of films focusing on the lies we were told about the so-called “Jewish Holocaust”, but practically nothing focusing on the untold, true stories of allied terrorism and genocide against the German people. I have shared this with many strangers, friends and family over the last year, and will continue referring it to as many people as I can find.

  44. I must have watched “Hellstorm” 5 or 6 times now and each time I consider myself so very lucky to have escaped this horrific time even though I was a child of 7 and 8 at then. Our father was the heroic figure who got us out of harms way before the worst occurred. Although I have a photographic Memory of that time, I am not able to imagine how it was for those poor unfortunate souls who were in the Midst of it all. It took Thomas Goodrich to describe in words what happened to them and I still get chills thinking I could have been one of them.

  45. So the real ones to blame in this as usual are the money men and the jews. There are rumours that Hitler had a handler from the Zionists which is the excuse they are using for the Gas chambers but considering the supposed peacetime events after the war are so much more worse than the War itself, it’s hard to believe Hitler was anything more than a peoples leader who went against the grain just like Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi.

    The Americans or at least the Rothschild and Rockerfellas of this sick world own the world with the petrodollar and when countries like Germany and Iraq change their agreement to buy Oil in dollars to buying with their own currencies or changing to non-dollar currencies that’s when they spread terror to start wars.

    This has to stop but only the people have the power to do this and most of them are zombies now with the constant poisoning of food and water and Pokemon Go seems to be their trigger mechanism.

    We are expecting a financial crash in Sept/Oct 2016 but this will be the crash of all crashes and we will remember it as QE4. This will be the total collapse of the Dollar and with it all currencies forcing the next stage of NWO. Electronic money through tagging.

    Be prepared and tell as many as you can about this massive cover up that has alienated the German population for nearly 120 years. People have to wake up because time is running out!

  46. Unbelievable of this information that I have learned from this documentary and from research of my own. I’ve heard Bishop Richard Williamson confirm of no gas chambers on concentration camps. A Jew, David Cole does a scientific investigation & study of Auschwitz and confirms all horrors against Jews are FRAUD. Ten American and one Canadian newspaper from 1915 to 1938 use the phrase “6 Million Jews” over and over, as if they are starving, dying, tortured in eastern Europe and the American Jewish Rabbis asks for money and assistance every time, millions upon millions of dollars donated. 1933 in newspapers around the world JEWS declare War on Germany. A Jewish journalist, Sever Plocker, publishes a column in “Ynetnews” Israeli newspaper titled: Stalin’s Jews-“WE MUSTN’T FORGET THAT SOME OF GREATEST MURDERS OF MODERN TIMES WERE JEWISH”. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html

  47. Dear Tom,
    dear Kyle,

    I am listening to your introduction discussion for the second time within 2 weeks, as I am doing with a lot of history videos and discussions these days for the past six months for certain personal reasons and let me tell you being able to cry and continue is the key qualification that one needs in order to go through this.
    I am German as, I think, German can be and by thinking about your words under the shower on my small house in Sri Lanka, listening to your discussion through my laptop over the speakers, it came to my mind that I am Protestant, as Protestant can be, even though I do not believe in A God what so ever and therefore dropped out of the “Protestant Church” about 20 years ago.
    Several minutes ago in your first hour of the discussion you spoke about the fact that the Genie is out of the bottle and no one can get it back into this bottle, with the help of the Internet.
    This made me think about a picture my father has hung in our family house back in Germany at the entrance to his office room with a dream of an old antique copy of Bismarcks desk, built by a star carpenter of the crown in Berlin back in the first decade of the last century, before the first world war. It was an old picture of the “Wartburg”, the castle on which Martin Luther translated the bible from Latin, the language it was written and kept in by the monks in order to prevent the public from reading the truth themselves and be depending on their “interpretation” of “Truth”, as the people come and consume it every Sunday when they come to their masses and propaganda events, making them depend on this medium of interpretation.

    Well I was born on August 19th 1961, 6 days after a wall was built, several kilometers away from my grandmothers home in Berlin, Dahlem and right through Germany. That day made me German, as did the day when the wall was torn down again after 39 years, just months before I married my wife, a young girl from Sri Lanka that moved back to Germany after my invitation since I met her back in 1982, when she first visited Germany, where we first met. She was as thrilled about the event of the opening of this wall as I was and by chance our landlords happened to take in a cousin of theirs into our house, who fled through Hungary several weeks prior to the opening and lived with us in that small house, where both he and my wife just came in as “total strangers” to “West Germany”. We had very close contact with him all those months. We all enjoyed this period you cannot imagine how thrilled we where visiting the other side of the former Wall in the years to come on many, many occasions.
    Your book “Hellstorm” and Kyle Hunts Film “Hellstorm” allowed me to realize what it means to be “German”. As you rightly said, not only the past 70 years after the end of the second World War, but also from the time of 1933 when the Jews declared their “War on Germany” and of course, as I have also found out these past 6 months , even far before that, with the intrigue of fixing the trap for Germany to kick off the First World War with the setup of the fake so called “Versailles Peace Treaty” in truth being a “Diktat” for the already planned total destruction of Germany in the generations to follow. Perhaps culminating in todays flood of Muslim Invaders in Millions into Germany, as we speak!

    Martin Luther took the existing story in 1521/22, kept in “Hebrew” and “Greek” it was actually the “Truth”, the “Story of Life” but well hidden for the common man and woman and only leaked out in the very propagandistic and well controlled means of the clerics in order to control the public through the priests that have been able to read both those languages and translate it into German!
    Even though he managed to translate the story and write “The Bible in German” language, he would not have been able to cause such an up-rise if it had not been for its “publication”, its presentation to large numbers of readers, through “Johannes Gutenbergs” printing machine, developed in his lifetime until 1468!

    Well, their lifetime did not match, they missed each other by 15+ years but the case is the same, Martin Luther had not had his chance to publish his translation of the “Truth” without Johannes Gutenbergs printing press!

    Tom, you translated the History, the “Truth” of World War II., written in the “language” of the victor, back into “German”, by interviewing Germans and viewing German (Hi)-Storys of witnesses and documents and presenting them in your book, now being published by the means of Kyle’s “Printing-Press” of the Internet through his Film and Video.

    The “Genie” is out of the bottle now and it is due to both of you, perhaps “none-Germans” but if anything is true then it is that there are not only Germans living on this planet and having an impact, some even have a good impact on Germany.

    I have yet not given up the fight of being extinguished by those who are now, as we speak prepare the next “Bilderberg Meeting” this June in Dresden, that have once before turned Dresden into Gravel, Ash and burned Human-Meat.

    I hope this time they will fail and I am rather positive that there is a rather strong snowball effect already on its way, to run down the slope and catch momentum.
    I have even heard only this week, that there are some 50 Million German-Americans waiting in the USA for some igniting action coming from Germans in Germany to free much more than just Germany and Germans!
    There seem to be many nations around the globe putting their last hope on Germany to use what seems to be the last “straw” to get away from this “New World Order”, ordering all the Nations globally under this Zionistic Profit Perversion.
    I do hope that your book, Tom, and your documentary, Kyle, is the stuff that is needed to kick this off and I know that the “magic” Hitler did manage to “create” back in 1932, the year my father was born back in Berlin, to turn the desperation around into productivity and innovations still lives on in some of us, as it lives on in you as obvious as you showed us in your work.

    The past 6 months of my life have been something very special, as history has always been my passion in some way but hindered to an unbelievable extend by our “liberators”.

    I admire the guts, both of you have proven, because people have been killed for less than what you have been doing with your work and you had no reason to take this risk other than “human dignity” which seems scarce in this world today!
    Just think of this young father and ex-marine or special forces guy who turned away from the mainstream and started this Movie, I forgot the name. I saw a first clip of it, as he presented his idea to potential investors but all of a sudden “committed suicide” together with his wife (and child?) somewhere in his house in the US. The film was supposed to show how the “System” is preparing the total control on its people and the “special forces” crush any possible opposite view and movement.

    As I heard on today’s presentation, it is possible to order the book directly through you, Tom and I would like to do this right now with this e-mail!
    If possible please sign the book for me and if you are in touch with Kyle, I would also have his Video with the same order and it would be a dream if I could have both your autographs on the book and possibly the DVD, if you are kind enough!

    (I do not have a credit card, so I cannot order this way but only with invoice through bank, so please contact me.)

    Vielen, vielen Dank
    Oliver Jahnel

  48. Wow, What a Travesty of truth, I watched this documentary and without a doubt it showed me the truth of what really happened in WWII. I’m going to spread this, THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. RIP those who suffered at the hands of the allied forces. THE WICKED SHALL BE PUNISHED!

  49. Having worked for the government in a “contractor” capacity in a wartime situation, I can assure you the history is indeed written by the victors. I have seen too many instances where history and fact didn’t jive.
    Having had my ass shot up for the furtherance of the “American way of life” around the world, I have grown weary and even sick of the lengths at which our government will go to secure capitalistic foothold & then cover up the disgusting manner in which it was secured.
    I’m glad to see a modicum of hope in people who won’t buy the status quo of prevailing historical fallacy.

  50. It is very sad that a drunk like Churchill, or hater towards the German people like Eisenhower, were allowed to walk freely on the face of the earth. But on the other hand, maybe it is not so much their doing as the corrupt minds of the Zionists who influenced their actions, the same Zionists who are more than ever striving for word supremacy.
    Regards Heinz Mayr
    On a foot note, i am glad that my father, an officer in the German army, never reported to the prisoner of war camp, instead he went into hiding for about halve a year with the help of friends.

  51. Certain peoples have always used the idea of the wolf dress up as sheep, the poor down trodden race, who have spent a millennium or more being hounded and persecuted for just trying to live. The world believed their lies, They have now consumed the entire planet and infected it with their evil and deceptions. One of a handful of men stood up to this evil A, Hitler for one, another was Christ and they hung him out to dry, using their lackeys again to nailing him to a cross. They are a supremacist race hell bent on crushing and decimating all but themselves. The paid for lackeys and servants of Satan do their dirty work for them. And for this “telling the truth, standing for freedom’, they are being hounded through the pages of history as the demons of humanity, Who in reality are the wolfs and who are the real sheep? A great man once said; Stand firm, never give up! Christ once said those who looses their lives for truth, shall gain their lives. All those who stood against Tyranny and evil have gained their lives, Long may they known joy and happiness in heaven why this sick twisted evil can never touch them again!!

  52. Brilliant.
    Of course should be mandatory viewing in all western schools.
    That won’t happen.
    What is mandatory information is the alleged gassing of 6 million Jews.
    Alleged,because anyone with a brain who does basic research knows that it is a falsehood.
    Congratulations to all those involved.
    I will share this with as many people who have the guts to get off their backsides and learn that they have been lied to.
    Tony Stewart
    Sydney Australia

  53. Adriana Albuquerque MaranhĂŁo

    This documentary is worth stopping by and writing a few lines. I am 50, Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and yes I knew the soviet troops and the Allies did hell in Germany in the second world war. Maybe, I knew because in my family we had read many books from may diferent lines and points of view. My father knew a lot about it all…but to HAVE SEEN it as I did in your documentary.. Really amazing. And more… It makes me think a lot how Germany recreated itself in these past years. Thanks for sharing.

  54. I learned a lot from your movie. I love learning more about history especially what they do not teach school in the USA. thank you for all your hard work you put in making the book and movie.

  55. Jorge Perez de Lara

    This is one of those rare, must-see films. I had read quite a bit from very different authors about the subject before watching the film, so I can vouch for the complete accuracy of its content. These atrocities and the enormous lie used to cover them still govern the world we live in and determine the views of hundreds of millions of people. I would heartily recommend this documentary to anybody who is willing to question their received “wisdom”.

    Thank you for making it.

  56. There is a book called Other Losses by James Bacque thats been censored in the United States but you can get the second edition on Amazon, it’s comes out of Canada.

  57. Great job! Thank you.
    I am so sick of all the lies and those that propagate them.
    Let the TRUTH be told. And hopefully, one day, the whole world will know that “he” was right.

  58. After watching the movie my view has entirely changed. I myself have German blood running in my family and after seeing this I now am proud of my heritage no matter what happened during WW2. This movie is a must see, not for entertainment but for pure knowledge of what really went on during WW2.

  59. This is the best movie I have ever seen. It has explained everything I have found out myself over 50 years of studying this matter, and its as actual now as it was then. We will see the same things happen now and in the future, as the same people who caused this German Holocaust will now extend it to the rest of the world, regardless if they fought Hitler in the past or not!! Mark my words, we all need to see this film and fear the future, and be ever vigilant, because the exact same thing will possibly come to all of us, if we don’t stop it now. Evil is ever- present and can always come to us. And, it follows with the presence of Jews.

  60. I have never been more proud of my German heritage than now, nor more ashamed to be an American. This film has infuriated me, not only because of the genocide against the German peoples but because of the lies told by the allies and the jews. I have never believed that the holocaust happened but now i can see that it has, against the German people. The victors write history.

  61. I’m glad I ran across this film on YouTube. It really learned a lot of things that I never knew before. I think the rest of the world need to see this film and maybe just maybe they to will rethink what they thought they knew just as I did. Thanks for putting this together.

  62. Nunca mas!!!! Por mis hijos por mis nietos y todas las futuras generaciones nunca mas la maldad de estas guerras y genocidios

  63. Much respect to you and your team. I am an Independent researcher and I was very happy to come across this documentary. If you are reading this, watch this documentary and let others know. This is a very enlightening and I gained much enlightenment on this issue. One can wonder, will any of the Intellectual institutions dare to show this in their history class?


  64. The world is run by some really evil people. I had known a lot of this information because I had read Mark Kings the book “The Bad War” and watched the documentary “Adolf Hitler the Greatest Never Told Story” and since I had the truth about WW2 I’ve tried to expose this to as many people humanly possible. I even included a page on WW2 revisionist history which tells the side of the German people. My father is a WW2 veteran who fought in the pacific. Growing up he never spoke of the war and now I know why. When we would try to get him to tell us stories he would just shake his head and say it was God awful what I saw my fellow soldiers do to one another and to the Japanese that they had captured.

    I had to stop it 20 minutes in because I became so sick to my stomach by what my country had done to these poor people. How my entire life we were taught to hate the Germans, something that is still going on in this country. I know that I have personally be attacked and called a Nazi lover, white supremacist and an Anti- Semite for shedding light on this. My heart breaks for my country did to these poor people and how bad they have been demonized for the last 60 years, when they were the actual victims and suffered the worst. Hitler invaded Dazing to save the tens of thousands of Germans that were being mass murdered by the Polish. He’s sent numerous peace treaties to England, France, Russia and Poland He didn’t want war, he wanted the killing of his people to stop and Danzig to be reunited with it homeland which was lost after WW1 when the Zionist started carving up Germany and giving it to other countries. Hitler wasn’t the evil psychopath that we taught and so much of the Holocaust are blatant lies, like the so called gas chambers. This awful war was orchestrated by the Zionist so that the Jews their own homeland afterwards. They we’re made out to be the victims of this war which was the bedrock foundation of the New World Order.

    To all the German people who had to live through this hell. I’m so very sorry for what we did to you. I seriously just want to cry for all of you. As hard as its going to be I will read this book and share it far and wide. This atrocity needs to be told, the truth will come out. And I pray to God nothing like this ever happens again. To the film maker who made this Thank you, for tell this story and exposing this God awful lie in. You will be attacked no doubt but you are doing such a good thing by exposing this. Brandon Martinez at nonalignedmedia.com has also written some fantastic articles on this subject as well.

    • @ Anne

      Thank you for your heart moving words, Anne ! To me (I’m German and my father participated in WW2 in the German Wehrmacht) you seem like an angel from your heart and I hope and pray to God (JC) that people like you will survive the coming storm and will be the basis for a better and humane mankind which will have it’s roots in God again and a totally different consciousness – I’m not talking about New Age Stuff, which is part of the NWO agenda.

      Germany is attacked again recently with the weapon of mass migration, as you might know. Our chancler is from Jewish and Polish offspring and her policies show, that she hates my country and her people. In Germany there are many many krypto Jews at work and in charge and they still want to extinguish my people
      from the face of the earth. The German language is not among the languages on the Georgia Guidestones … it does not exist any longer in their long time plans.

      We are “Amalek” for them, the ancient enemy from Mesopotamia whom they are supposed to wipe out according to their Talmudian belief, their God has given them the order to do so.

      The first attempt was started in the so called “Thirty-Years-War” from 1618 until 1648, when two thirds of German people were exterminated in very cruel ways. My father reflected German history intensely, but did not give me an answer, who has fought the German people so fiercly for such a long time. The nation was not given a chance of a political unity until the “Second Reich” in 1871 under a Prussian Emperor (without Austria) – Germany remained split in pieces under the reign of “Nobility” for centuries.
      But there had always been the aspiration for a political unity of Germans … as it was natural in other nations, but my people was not granted unity and nobility had their advantages from it.

      When you do some reasearch, you will find out that the Germans
      never had such strong hegemonial ambitions as other Nations had and realized in world history. When you look at the numbers of wars which have been fought over the centuries, you may see it, this can be proven.
      But as truth was put upside down after 1945 (180°) !!! everything came out the opposite – in every single respect !

      May father made some allusions, told me that Germany has never been given a peace treaty after WW2 as the only country in the world.

      We have never been sovereign since then and have lived under heavy brainwash and layers of lies about our history. The UN has even been established to keep Germany down as the only “enemy nation” … they even might attack us right from the spot if they please, as there is no peace treaty and no protection for us. This is the reason, why it is really dangerous for Germans to stand up and revolt against these unbearable and unjust conditions in Germany.
      Our political system is under total control of the allies, our “constitution” is none … has been released by the allies in 1949 and has no validity any more since an act of the allies in 2006/07
      (special laws which cancelled validity … there is no geographical AREA related to the validity of our “constitution = Grundgesetz”).
      We are nothing but a concealed Colony of the USA, and Obama confirmed to keep this Status Quo for Germany – publicly in front of American soldiers in Rammstein 2009 … it’s now 70 years !
      Quite a different public narration about my country’s situation
      is nothing but a fake and fraud ! There is no sovereinty at all for Germany, and the deception about this fact has been perfect.
      There is evidence for everything I have written.

      I was shaken when my daughter told me a couple of weeks ago that her late grandfather has told her when she was 15 years old:
      How about … if everything about German history between 1933 and 1945 had been quite different than it is told in your schoolboks and elsewhere … ? She suddenly remembered it …
      reflecting our present sitation.

      If there is a cruel civil war planned in Germany (and we have proof to assume so …) I wonder how American soldiers stationed in our country will react…. if they just watch Germans being slaughtered again by “IS-Invaders” imported on purpose this time … or if they would give us support and save us from terrible atrocities according to their ethic norms and conscience.

      God bless you Ann and Thomas and Kyle too !

      And I thank Thomas and Kyle once again for their incredible work
      on historic truth !!!

      My conviction is, that now the time has come, when GOD will expose truth about mankind and people and everything in the world as HE wants his planet back and to have a different one
      according to his announced WILL. This is my comfort and my hope of a future worth living on earth ! May GOD bless and protect all the rightious people … I put everything in HIS hands !

      Yours … Uta

  65. The strongest weapon is the word and the truth for most unbearable. Germany is still an occupied country and has no peace treaty. Germany is conducted at the UN as Aggressator country. The annihilation and destruction of Germany was decided in secret long before the First World War, only mentioned once in passing. Why is all the material world banned the clarity could bring in so much? My family comes from Konigsberg and had to flee. My Omar was traveling alone (born 1938 My uncle, my father in 1940 and my other uncle was born in 1941) with her three boys traveling My father told of the events which are hereby engraved when he was three years old. The rape my grandmother had to watch the children. In Hamburg supposedly safe my grandmother was raped again when they tried to dig potatoes out of the ground in order not to starve. Interestingly this is my grandpa worked at a bank in Konigsberg and told of power brokers who manipulate the world with their money, delusions of control and manipulation. It’s not over and done even today. Over 70 years of lies, rape, brainwashing. We sense and know the stories of our parents and grandparents were never put down in writing for fear also I have told my children only verbally certain facts German. Freedom of the press? Textbooks? Enlightenment? Government?
    American citizens are just lied and cheated. The documentary is good, thank you.

    A German woman

  66. This has been a jarringly informative video, and the atrocities and images only underline the absolute evil of the West–and the USA in particular, who any honest historian would know has committed every manner of evil against anyone who came against them–from the very first!
    However, I am bothered that this is presented completely out of context. That Poland was almost completely destroyed and millions either killed or left destitute, is ignored. The bombing of Rotterdam is ignored. The bombing of England is ignored. The atrocities committed by the German army and it’s SS officers in Scandinavia, France, the Low Countries, and in central Europe is ignored. While I understand the focus of the video in it’s aim to present the unknown, you do yourself and your mission a disservice by not acknowledging the cause and effect at work during that conflict. Likewise, the broader context is also ignored where history–at least as far back as 1799–is concerned. Before there was a Germany there was a Poland. Before there was a greater Russian Empire there was Poland-Lithuania. Poland was ravaged and divided three times by Prussia, Russia, and Austria, and Russia itself tried to obliterate every last trace of Polish culture once she had taken over.
    Atrocities such as this occur in many wars, not least of all European wars. France in Spain 1808-1813 is an example, as is Spain in the Netherlands, the UK in Ireland, and likewise the centuries of warfare and destruction that kept the German people from ever being a nation. These are all critical components to the tale you tell, but it is more disturbing that German crimes in that war that might explain the Allied actions(but NEVER excuse them, mind you) are simply unmentioned.
    Much of this I have come across in one form or another, but given my knowledge of military history and world history in general I see it as another dark chapter in a book of Man that wreaks of utter evil. Europe has lived through generation after generation after generation of such cruel crimes and has visited the same upon much of the world besides.
    Not least of all, it at least illustrates the evil inherent in the American, a wretched, proud, Neanderthal monster who can only gobble hamburgers, drink beer, and kill. Certainly Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Central America, South America, the Philippines, Hawaii, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, and Afghanistan have seen their share of this monstrous beasts appetite for total savagery. It continues to this day, only now the USA readily supplies the bullets and bombs to Israel as they visit these same atrocities on an equally defenseless population in the West Bank and Gaza.
    The Wrath of Almighty God alone can answer this monster and finally wipe it from the face of the earth.
    (Note: I am an American citizen, myself, thus the bitter and extremely justified outrage).
    Thank you for your work. It is a necessary step forward.

    • doe you now how Poland mistreadet the german minorety until 1939?
      dit you know that the first bombing of ww2 startet by the royal airforce in december 1939 against the german town Wilhelmshaven?

  67. Words fail me , I could not watch it fully ,Its a fantastic vid but so sad and heartbreaking .

    I knew that the history that i was taught in school was not true .
    And even after all this there is still hatred for the German people . It hit me after i had watched about half the vid that some of these German people , i could have been related to as i am half English and half German .

    Thank you for this vid ,i will pass it around More people need to wake up. My love of my German heritage and my love for the German people will stay with me always ,, Much love Susie (England) xxx

  68. I just watched this extraordinary video once again after some time. It is rough going. I have known for some time now that we Americans have been kept on a diet of lies and hatred for a very long time. Knowing the facts are one thing, but seeing the horror inflicted on the German people in this graphic and emotionally honest presentation makes it so much more powerful. Thank you to you all.

  69. Thank you..

    Wir sind da (we are here)

    Wir schauen an (we observe)

    Wir denken dran (we remember)

    Thank you for kindly bringing forth the truth as it was, and not as it was forged to be. Many Many Souls in the Afterlife and here appreciate the efforts.

    Thank you from a german woman who is one of the countless births of a surviving beaten & raped german mother, by an allied Soldier.

    Your Movie is priceless!

  70. Thanks for say all the truth we most remember the horrors suffered by the the german people; the sacrfice of their braves warriors and the sadness of the postwar; thank you very much for rise the very cruel truth of the ally madness we never forgett

    Saludos desde Mexico

  71. There has a new book been published in Great Britain lately.
    I suppose it should be available in English as well.

    It’s about the background of what happened in Worl War II and even a long time before (as a red line throughout history) and not to foget in our time – in a massive and aggressive way ! The target has always been Germany and the German people !

    The book (whose Englsh title I don’t know) is by Michael McLaughlin


  72. Wir sind da … (We are here)

    Wir schauen an … (We are watching)

    Wir denken daran … (We think about)

    Wir könne nicht sagen darĂŒber … (We can not speak about it)

    Ein Deuscher … (A German)

  73. Kristian Ivanov Andreev

    Thank you. My country was treated similarly by the Soviets and the pains are felt to this day.

    I now live in Germany, this great country has been abused and still it endures. We need more people willing to share this information with the world, we need more people to wake up, just thank you so much. My heart weeps that the suffering of the Germans, potentially the worst suffering of any people in the war, thank you.

  74. Hello everybody,

    I usually do not comment on the Internet, for which there are various reasons.
    However I would like to put a comment into your guestbook.
    The name I use here is my real name, I am 29 years old and currently studying at an old German University. Also, I am German.
    With disgust I have been watching the degeneration, not just of my people, but of many peoples around the world. Since I was little I have been told about the attrocities commited by my people and the eternal guilt with which my people has to live. And since I was little I “smelled the rat”, as you native English speaker say, I believe.
    For several years now I have been studying the so called “events” of the Second World War, with special regards to the so called “Holocaust on the Jewish People.”
    It became crystal (Night 😉 ) clear what that is, an event most certainly not.
    A few month ago I stumbled across an Interview with a guy named “Thomas Goodrich” on youtube, about Hellstorm.
    I believe I watched/listened to two interviews of that sort on different radio shows. Each time, I got physically sick, and I am serious here, when Mr. Goodrich was talking about what attrocities the Russians and the Western Allies commitet against my people. The sexual violence in particular.
    Therefor I have very strong doubts that I am mentally capeable of watching that documentary or read the book.
    Nevertheless, I can imagine of what it consists. Unfortunately I have to deal with many, many fellow ‘Germans’ who do not have the slightest interest in ther history. Who don care about politics, and if, they believe what they learned, read or watch in the mainstraim. The few I can reach, dare to research topics, such as the Allied War Crimes, themselves. And if, they just shroug their shoulders, “I dont care”, “thats long ago”, “we had it comming for what we did.”
    I have the strong feeling, that this documentary might have a, shocking element, that might be mmore capeable of igniting the fire of interest. Which then might lead towards autonomous research, which then might lead to knowledge about what actually happened, not just during WWII, but also before.

    Since this comment is way to long already, I would hereby express my gratitude to all involved people, thank you very much and please keep up the effort for truth and justice of my people.

    I very recently stumbled about an interesting topic. A physical and mathematical approach on the temperature of the gas chambers.
    As far as I know there is an article on metapedia, of which the English version was translated by a Jew and is said to be fraudulant.
    The German version is said to be accurate.
    I would like to link to you a very good site, which is in German, which deals with many very important topics for us, remaining, true Germans in our struggle for freedom and souvreignty.


    I am fairly certain that your team consists of people able of proper German, hence I am confident that, if, you have a closer look at that site, the topic “gas chamber temperature,” it ought to stumble across interest on your side.

    If not, maybe someone else, reading this comment, might find interest in this topic/site.

    My very best regards

  75. Hello, thank you very much for this documentary, iÂŽm so greatful, someone hast courage and finally shows the truth!

  76. I thank you so much for making that movie. I somehow felt that something wasn’t quiet right during my upbringing in Germany as German. It makes me sad, what happend to my people. I cried like a baby! I wondered so many times, why Iwas hold back , My Grandmother always said; child this life is going to be a tough one, back then, I don’t understand, but I do now. One thing is fore sure, the feeling of unease will remain, and my heart is screaming. All the best and thank you again.

  77. Thank you for your courage to bring to public attention
    the crimes committed on German nation by Anglos, Yankees
    and Ruskies under the guidance of the manure of humanity – jews.

    Since all those crimes are documented by real evidence and
    real witnesses unlike Hollywood deceptions or jewish fanciful stories about ‘6 million’ – when Anglos, Yankees and Ruskies are going to apologize for their crimes?
    Apology from jews is not needed or wanted!

  78. Thank you very much from BRAZIL.

    You forgot to say how many people died in the bloody propaganda and how many idiots groups were created with the films of hollywood.

    White Aryan Resistance WAR (EUA), Aryan Nations (EUA), Stormfront (EUA), Ku Klux Klan (EUA), Skinhead (UK), Front 88 (BRA), and many much more.

    These groups don’t represent the ( National Socialist ).

    R.I.P Dear FĂŒhrer, Heil Hitler.

  79. having studied the 1914-45ff. catastrophe for many years – relying on first-hand accounts/documents rather than the propaganda narrative served up by the victors (Churchill, Ambrose, Turkel, and all the rest) – not much here was new to me. But on the whole a well-done and effective documentary on the Terror Bombing, Allied atrocities, Eisenhower’s POW death camps, the Red Rape of eastern Germany, and the post-war expulsion massacre of ethnic Germans. “Hellstorm” will, over time, open many eyes. Next up: the Judeo-“holocaust” narrative, which has so long served as the basis for the post-war entitling of organized Jewry, and now facilitates the Jews’ current open-borders globalization racket…whose purpose is to do to White Western civilization precisely what was done to that civilization’s beating heart, Germany, before and after WW II.

  80. Any historical truth seeker will not be able to deny the raw honesty here. My eyes have been opened and I thank you. I will continue to search out more knowledge of this kind and pass on what I learn.

  81. I purchased the hardcover book when it came out. It was so tough to read that I had to put it down for long periods between readings. The horrors are unbelievable, and I thought I was prepared for it having read about Stalin’s red rape rampage and what Ilya Ehrenberg had done to motivate his sadists. I also read “An Eye For An Eye” by Sack and many other books. But nothing prepared me for Hellstorm, it literally made me physically ill as I read. I still get sick to my stomach thinking about what was done, especially endlessly hearing about the “good war” and then with the “celebrations” going on this month for the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

    I am convinced that America became evil, fully evil, after what was done in WW2, not that WW1 was any just war either. WW2 turned us into a monster society. So many evils sprang from that war, from The Hell’s Angels to self hatred manifested in suiciding our own homelands to third world hordes because of insane misplaced guilt built on nothing but pure lies.

    I am tough, but I am human. No good person can read this book without getting sick and finding themselves crying. I recommend this book highly, as difficult as it is to read, but it is information that must come out so that we can set the world right. Yes, it is that important a book.

  82. I saw your documentary on Youtube. I just couldn’t stop crying. The next day, I continued to think about it and cry multiple times. I feel so bad for what the Germans went through. It’s not right. I wish there was something I could do about it. I realize that I’ve been lied to all my life. When I was in high school, my teacher told us that German submarines were positioned in NY Harbor during WW2 because they wanted to take my parents and march them into ovens (total BS). This is the most important documentary of this age, and I hope people start waking up already. I’m sure countless hours of your time went into research and film production. Thanks for the sacrifices you must have made throughout the entire process including the money spent. I am ordering a hardcover copy in a few days when I get paid. It say’s in the Bible that “The truth will set you free,” and I truly believe in my heart that in this corrupt age of intellectual dishonesty, the truth contained in your book is capable of freeing countless innocents from bondage. Thank You.

  83. Great book and great documentary.
    Please keep it up, let’s let the world know the truth and what is more important let’s rise again put it right once and for all. The tipping is here…

    Hail Victory

  84. Kyle and Thomas,

    Thank you for having the guts and fortitude for writing the book and making the documentary. It is gut wrenching to watch and read, but needs to be presented in its full truth.
    As far as I’m concerned it was the worst war fought by the most duped and worst generation misled by the jews and bankers who started this “Holocaust” against the German nation. Adolf Hitler’s prophecy that the World would know that he was right is finally coming to pass. Thank you both.

  85. Dear Thomas Goodrich,
    Dear Kyle Hunt,

    I thank you most sincerely for the film “Hellstorm”.

    I thank you so much for your excellent research by using the archives and the WWII documents which have been held closen so many many years.

    My father, born 1911, was a carpenter, and in war he was soldier of the German Wehrmacht. His brother, born 1919, und his father did not come home after the 2nd WW. And his other brother lost a leg and got a shot through his arm.

    My father died already 42 years ago, and his brother died app. 30 years ago.
    My father was in Stalingrad, and fortunately he came home 5 years after war. He was a carpenter, and he was a good man, and a helpful fellow and comrad, and he told me that the Russian people was a good people, but not the government.

    Today I know that the governments of many peoples are zionist governments and not governments of the own people.
    And today I know also that many Russians and also many Americans have Germanic roots, but the zionists have asiatic mixed roots.

    I thank you so much for your film. In Germany we have no independent media since 1945. All German media, nearly 100 %, is in fact zionist media. We get news full of desinformation and propaganda and lies.
    Also the church priests are zionists, I have found out recently.

    I believe in the old pagan Germanic religion: I believe in the sun, in the nature, in family, in children, in animals, in tradition, in music, in old traditional songs, in singing, in human work, in friendship, in my people.

    We, the children and grandchildren and grandgrandchildren of the war generation want to find out the truth , but we still live under daily brainwash and layers of lies in our country, as you know. Several thousand German truthers are in jail presently due to §130 (GG “law”) which forbids to mention publicly certain aspects of what really happened in Germany and in other places during WWII. Their intention is to keep Germans as monsters forever and make them pay billions according to their singular and incomparable guilt which is a lie, I know meanwhile by studying many old books which are not easy to find.

    It’s the two of you, who help to make a breakthrough possible and I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for your work and commitment for the truth and for the German people !

    Here in Germany there are so many people in government now who say that they are Germans, however, in truth they are zionists, and they are no friends of the German people.

    I also want to thank you in the name of our late ancestors whom you give back their honour and reputation by presenting the truth to the world.

    All the best to you both,
    Sincerely yours,
    Heinrich Schatz

    • Hier in den USA ist es nicht so viel besser, vielleicht ein bisschen mehr Meinungsfreiheit, doch die meisten Menschen haben noch nie etwas ĂŒber das Material der Revisionisten gehört. Selbst wenn man es anspricht, lĂ€uft man Gefahr als Neonazi angesehen zu werden. Sie haben recht mit ihrer Beobachtung ĂŒber die Infiltration der Kirchen. Als ich hier mir die populĂ€ren Kirchen angesehen habe, musste ich feststellen dass fast alle von Zionisten gefĂŒhrt werden, und die KirchgĂ€nger werden mit der Botschaft bombardiert dass an dem Tag an dem USA sich gegen Israel stelle der Untergang des Landes drohe. Die guten Leute glauben das alles und singen Halleluja und projizieren ihren Hass auf die Araber dieser Welt. Was mich auch besorgt ist, dass das sogenannte “truther movement” infiltriert scheint. Menschen, die wirklich die Wahrheit suchen, werden auch hier in die Irre gefĂŒhrt, auf alle möglichen dubiosen Gruppierungen wird die Schuld geschoben, die “Globalisten”, die “Technokraten”, die “Progressiven”, und natĂŒrlich die “Reptilien”, welche auch direkte “Nachfahren von Hitler” sind. Dabei bleiben die wirklich Verantwortlichen dieser globalen Kriegsmaschinerien und diversen Arten der Destruktion im Verborgenen.

  86. Eine sehr emotionale Dokumentation, dessen Arbeit gar nicht hoch bewertet werden kann. Es gehört nicht nur Mut und Zivilcourage dazu, sich von einer “allgemeingĂŒltige Geschichtsdarstellung” zu distanzieren, um der Wahrheit ein großes StĂŒck nĂ€her zu kommen, sondern allein in der ehrlichen Aufarbeitung der Geschichte liegt der SchlĂŒssel, fĂŒr ein Leben in Freiheit, Achtung und Selbstbestimmung fĂŒr alle Völker!

    Ich denke, dieses große Ziel ist es, was uns alle verbindet.
    Danke, Frank aus Berlin

    • Richtig und wichtig! Ich habe bisher nur ĂŒber die Doku gelesen, werde sie mir aber garantiert in KĂŒrze anschauen. Vielleicht gibt es bis dahin ja schon die angekĂŒndigte deutsch ĂŒbersetzte Version?

      Wer sich der Wahrheit zumindest annĂ€hern möchte, muss ALLE Aspekte berĂŒcksichtigen! Und nicht nur die, die eigene Interessen forcieren…

  87. volksgemeinschaft

    Thanks for this film of the truth. For us in Germany this film is very important. If they can translate the film please still in in Arabic. For the people in the Arabian world.

    Greeting from Germany

  88. Dear Thomas and Kyle, thank you for your work! I have to watch the documentary in segments. Same with the book. When I got awakened to the truth a few months ago through Dennis Wise’s documentary about “the good war”, I felt like falling into a deep hole. As a German living in the US, so many things from my past cleared up, but I also felt pessimistic about this world ever being a place of justice because the brainwashing of the general public is so strong! It is true that we Germans were a strong and beautiful nation, yet we were robbed of that knowing until this day. Not one day goes by that I don’t hear a reference about the “evil nazis”. My comfort: I firmly believe that each of these criminals (Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and many others) were brought to justice before God. In the same sense, I believe that all those who had to endure extreme pain and suffering for no justified reason have been, are and will be greatly comforted after their death.
    Many blessings to you as well as to all the other brave revisionists.

  89. Dear Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt !

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for the German people !!!
    I thank you for your your brilliant research by using the American Archives and the WWII documents which have been concealed and out of reach for Germans for decades, as my father told me years ago.

    He was an Officer of the German Wehrmacht and he and many German Veterans of his generation were desperately seeking for the truth, answers to their questions about history , especially WWII, the reasons of everything, the story behind the scenery – but for them it was all in vain ! What they got was books full of desinformation and the history of the victors / allies, which was also put upon students after 1945 – and the lies about everything are steadily growing with the years passing.

    We, their children and grandchildren have the moral obligation to find out the truth about everything, but we still live under brainwash and layers of lies in our country, as you know. Several thousand German truthers are in jail presently due to §130 (GG “law”) which forbids to mention publicly certain aspects of what really happened in Germany and in other places during WWII. Their intention is to keep Germans as monsters forever and make them pay billions according to their singular and incomparable guilt!

    It’s the two of you, who help to make a breakthrough possible and I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for your work and commitment for the German people !
    I also want to thank you in the name of our late ancestors whom you give back their honour and reputation by presenting the truth to the world !

    Love, yours


  90. Greeting from Germany to the makers of the Hellstorm
    Here more and more people awake, they see the insane and infame politics and banksters.
    To Tell the truth, the WW II is still going on, because there is no Peace Treaty with Germany (Deutsches Reich) which still exists in the background. The UNO still got their Enemy State acticles no. 53 & 107.
    When we will get a Peace Treaty, UNO will be obsolete in it’s actual form.
    Peace for all peoples.

  91. I’m a 56-year-old German, and I already knew of these horrendous things before.
    But to me much more disturbing than the documentary is the book HELLSTORM which I’ve finished reading 4 weeks ago. Thank you, Mr. Goodrich. Someone has finally got the guts to tell the truth about what really happened. May as many people as possible watch the film.

  92. Hello everyone! World War II was not a ‘Good’ war, as they want us to believe. It was a Bad war like ALL wars! How Three Million Germans Died AFTER the War was Over Why the Germans were ALSO Victims of World War II The crimes committed AGAINST the Germans by the Allies in WW II were almost as horrendous as those committed BY the Germans. Five hundred thousand Germans, mainly women, children and old people were victims of the Air War which left European cultural centers such as Dresden a desert of smoldering ruins. The purpose of these bombings was to to terrorize the German civilian home front. Attempts to hinder German war production by bombing were basically unsuccessful. Another serious crime against the Germans was the treatment of German POWs in open areas along the Rhine. This was primarily an American endeavor. Hundreds of Germans died in these camps due to the lack of cover and adequate food. Germans who tried to throw food and water over the wire were physically threatened. Certainly ‘die Flucht und Vertreibung’ (flight and expulsion) was a GERMAN holocaust. At least l5 million Germans were forcibly and brutally expelled from Eastern Germany and Eastern and Southern Europe by Poles, Czechs and Russians. In many cases, they were expelled from areas which had been Prussian and/or German for as long as 800 years (East Prussia). Of the l5 million Germans expelled from their ancestral homes, some 2 million died from mass rape, murder, beatings and starvation on the road to what was left of Germany. Women and young girls were mass raped from the ages of 8 to 80. Old men and boys who tried to protect them were often castated and beaten or shot to death. Many of the German women who were raped were killed and, in some cases, nailed (crucified) to barn doors as documented in Nemmersdorf, East Prussia. (See videos on www. youtube.de.) The Allies’ criminal and ill-conceived decision to deprive Germany of l/4 of her land in the East resulted in some 82 million residents of ‘rump’ Germany now being crammed into an area the size of Montana. Poland, with a much smaller population, is nearly as big as her western neighbor (nemesis). Within Poland’s borders are the old German provinces of Silesia, half of former East Prussia, West Prussia, Danzig and parts of Brandenburg. Gone are the bastions of German culture such as Koenigsberg, Breslau, Danzig and Stettin. Stettin is on the WEST side of the Oder but it was still given to the Poles. What German could not help but feel the pain and helplessness of such unfair criminal losses? Of course, the propaganda is that since the Russians refused to give back the eastern part of Poland which they had taken in conjunction with the Nazi in l939, Germany was to be deprived of territory in the east to compensate poor Poland. Rarely known is the fact that Poland had taken the land in the East from the Soviet Union back in the 20s when the Soviets were weak. As early as l920, Lord Curzon, the British Foreign Minister, had proposed that the so-called Curzon Line would be a fair border for Poland. The present boarder of Poland with Russia is now basically along the Curzon Line so the need to fill the Polish goose with East German corn was a hypocritical fallacy. I am an American who served in West Germany twice during the Cold War. I learned about the Flight and Expulsion from Germans who had lost their homes and everything else and had experienced first-hand famine, mass rape and the murder of their loved ones. Even I, an American, who experienced none of this feel compelled to study this great injustice while experiencing deep sorrow, pain and anger. I find it haard to believe that America and its allies sanctioned these crimes against the German people. Yes, there are treaties forced on the Germans so they could achieve unification which recognize the inappropriate Oder-Neisse Line. But as Abramam Lincoln said, ‘Nothing is settled untdil it is settled fairly. The problem of the flight and expulsion and Germany’s eastern border with Poland will continue to fester until a fair solution is found. Perhaps Americans could better understand the feelings of millions of German expellees if they could imagine the US losing a war and the victors arbitrarily awarding my home state California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and the great state of Texas to Mexico. If the truth be known, Mexico had a much more valid claim to these states than Poland ever did to Eastern Germany. Our friends the Brits could better understand if they would allow themselves to imagine the lost of one quarter of their present territory. One last thought; the German expellees from the very first days formally renounced violence and revenge when it came to reclaiming their homes and property. If they had not done this, can you imagine what the situation might be even now. Like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they very might very well might be daily acts of violence between the German expellees and the Poles. Instead, the German expellees have remained peaceful, but never the less, well aware of the great injustice that was done to them. Someone has said, ‘The greatest loss there is, is the loss of one’s home.’ Dear Friends, If you find the above interesting, I would be grateful if you could do some research about the ‘Flight and Expulsion.’ Ask your German friends and aquaintances if they are from the ‘lost lands’ in the East. Ask them about their experiences at the end of the War. You will be amazed and perhaps shocked by what they went through. There are some informative videos on http://www.youtube.de (and com) showing the explusion and atrocities against the Germans. Sincere best wishes to you all, Peter

  93. Recently, a sensational book appeared in Germany. The author is Doctor
    Professor Miriam Gebhardt, a well known historian and advocate for women’s
    rights in Germany. She is affiliated with the University of Konstanz and has had a
    distinguished, productive career. The title of Dr. Gebhardt’s book is ‘Als die Soldaten kammen’ or ‘When the Soldiers came’ in English. The book was meticuously reseached and written by the author. The subject is the mass rape of German girls, women’ and older females by American and British soldiers in occupied WEST Germany. Dr. Gebhardt’s assertion, based on fact, is that
    American soldier raped at least 190,000 German women and our British cousins
    only somewhat less. Many of these rapes were violet and brutal resulting in
    the death of the victim. Dr. Gebhard also mentions that she found evidence of
    German men and boys being raped also. This is the first time I have heard of
    this assertion. As we know, the only rapes in postwar Germany that were
    highly publicized were those committed by the Russians in the East. Most Americans would insist that if there were any rapes in our zone of occupation
    they certainly were not committed ‘by our boys who were raised on
    mother’s milk and bible study. ‘ Dr. Gebhard has once and for all destroyed this
    myth and proved that World War 2, like all wars, was not a Good War but
    a bad one.
    Dr. Gebhard’s book was published in German by Random House International in
    Munich. I have corresponded with her and it seem that her book will be
    translated into English and become available in the near future. I certainly hope so. This book clearly exposes further
    crimes and injustices of the War and illuminates a subject completely ignored
    until now.
    I almost feel like I owe the Russians an apology. I thought they had a monopoly
    of violence against the millions of German women brutally raped in the East. I have read most of what I could find on the subject and have been harboring a real hate and contempt for the ‘liberators?’ from the East.
    Now, thanks to Dr. Gebhardt, I am forced to recognize and come to terms with
    the rapes and violence of my own countrymen!

  94. Thank you Tom and Kyle for this excellent documentary. Because my German family suffered during this period the film is especially significant for me. I will implore anyone who is willing to listen, watch and learn to do so in the hope that their hearts and minds might be opened. May your courage and passion for the real truth be richly rewarded.

  95. Soviet War Memorial in Treptow Park in Berlin



    Denkmal des Unbekannten Vergewaltiger und PlĂŒnderer!

    Treptower Park’s Soviet Memorial, in Berlin


    Every time I see an ancient Soviet World War 2 veteran covered in medals, I feel the urge to ask him how many German young girls, women and old grandmothers did he rape on his way
    to Berlin? If the master of hate and death Aleksei Ehrenburg had anything to do with it.
    perhaps some of those medals on Soviet Veterans’ chests are for exemplary rape, murder
    and plundering!

  97. I really don’t believe that 89 percent of the Germans agree that Germany’s surrender on May 8, 1945 was a Day of Liberation instead of a day of disaster. Ask the remaining expellees from the Lost Lands of the German East (East and West Prussia, Eastern Pomerania, Silesia, the Sudetenland and other stolen areas). Ask also the victims of wanton murder, mass rape, slave labor and massive destruction in the East and you’ll get a different percent.–
    as well as an astonished look that you’re even asking the question!

  98. The Allies forfeited any right to moral superiority when they committed crimes against the Germans of an equal or greater degree than the crimes committed by the Germans themselves. The death of half of a million Germans in the terror Air War, the death of some two million Germans during the flight and expulsion from Eastern Europe and the death of hundreds of thousands of German POWs showed the Allies to be no less morally corrupt than the Germans. Although we are urged to call World War II ‘the good war’, it was as bad as all wars due in no small part to the revenge-motivated atrocities of the Russian and the other Allies.

  99. Susan Christensen Kennedy Kane

    If horror can be tastefully done, you’ve done just that. I’ve only recently learned of the atrocity’s of ww1and ww2 by my own countrymen. I used to hear stories about ww2 vets who would never ever speak about the war. Now I know why. I thought it was just so tough on them defending our freedoms in terrible unavoidable wars. They were hero’s to me growing up watching TV propaganda. Now I think they were silent because they were ashamed; as they should be. If the victors write the history they also rule and reign over you. We are ruled by the most disgusting creatures on earth the so called Jews. They won the wars they started and now have almost enslaved the entire world with the unabated cooperation of the United States government who as we speak are having trouble hiding all the lies and war crimes. I’m ashamed to be an American because we allowed the crimes to continue and the criminal cabal to profit off our blood sweat and tears and when we are no longer profitable, guess what ? We are expendable! Wake up please ~ time is running short, it’s our turn to burn in the oven of a satanic holocaust terror bombing~ 320 million American people will be no problem for these Luciferian Jews to murder, rape, starve to death and torcher. It’s coming here, can’t you feel it? Thank you to the brave men and women who have put this information out there while we still can. The least I can do is comment and pass it on to all who i know. The Jews have some nerve perpetrating there holocaust lie when the real holocaust has been hidden from the real victims, the entire world is the victim of these englorious bastards. They are all damned to hell anyway. There is no salvation for the satanic Jews and there disgusting beliefs ~ Thy kingdom come Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven ~ salvation and adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body ~ Romans 8- 23

    • Listen lady, I don’t care what god you pray to at night but you need to understand something. Satan HATES the jews. More than you can possibly know. He wants nothing more than to see them fall from their gilded thrones. He knows what they truly are and what they’ve done to the Gentile races of this world. He fights their tyranny every step of the way. The least you can do is show some respect and actually learn something. But you’re a christian so this is going to go in one ear and right out the other. A shame really.

      Oh, and for the record. Don’t you EVER defile me or other Satanists by tossing us in with that filth. I’d rather die a proud Satanist than live as a jewish slave. If you have a problem with Satanists, which is clear you do, blaspheme us right.

  100. Now I understand Germany was fighting till the very end….they had no other choice. The zionists are still the same : after they are responsible of WW2 they continue their atrocities in Palestine..In fact we all should fight zionism…..till we get rid of them…

  101. Thanks, Tom, for putting this together. I read the book after hearing you interviewed on Jeff Rense, and watched the film on Veterans Today. The book was difficult for me to read, because it is so gut wrenching. Thank God you wrote it and that you are following up with the video. It should be required watching for everyone.

  102. Media professional

    It is well made and very easy to watch. The artistic quality and production values make this a very mainstream documentary.

  103. Thank you so much for exposing the “real holocaust” of WW2. We must remember that the victors write the history books and our children will never learn real truth in school. These days they are indoctrinated from the time they pop out of the womb, because they spend 90% of their time staring at some form of the electric jew (TV, newspapers, magazines, movies, liberal websites, etc.). It is our duty to fight the beast until our last breath because once the European people go extinct there is no coming back. TRUTH IS NOT RACISM!!

  104. In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

    I thank Kyle Hunt and Thomas Goodrich et al for this work. Indeed it was difficult to watch but not as difficult as the book. Indeed I still have to finish it.

    In my opinion it is IMPERATIVE that this documentary be translated into Russian and the works of Thomas Goodrich be translated into Russian.
    (A rising) Orthodox Russia is now the only nation that has the power of liberating Germany from the Gog & Magog NATO. However they are still brainwashed by the myths of the anti-Christian Soviets and so it is to this end that I encourage the translation.

  105. Keep up the great work! It’s about time someone was brave enough to tell the truth at a great risk! God bless you and the great German people and Germany itself!


  107. I think the allied mistreatment of Germany, both during and after WW2, constitutes the worst crime in human history. What’s even more enraging is that everybody believes Germany was the villain and virtually no one knows the true facts. There should be an international campaign to inform everybody in the world about this!

  108. Ach du lieber Gott!!!!! Those that don’t know their history, are doomed to repeat it. I never heard of this side of history….schocking!!!!! Truth is stranger than fiction…….A good work

  109. Thanks Tom. I’ve communicated with you a couple of years ago about your book.
    The horror never gets any easier to bear over time.

  110. I haven’t read the book yet, but this film project has all the earmarks of playing a redefining role of Germany’s history. Apparently, there is more than meets the eye. Will keep tabs on the progress of this important film project!

  111. You are to be commended Kyle for starting on this ambitious project.

    I’ve listened to several interviews with Thomas Goodrich about his book and it’s certainly a story that needs to be told in video form. I’ve also recently got his book and have started on it.

    May I suggest getting in contact with Dennis Wise, of “The Greatest Story Never Told” fame. I’m sure he could offer very good advice on all issues that you’ll likely encounter and the pitfalls to avoid.

    And BTW, I also enjoy your podcasts.


    For my latest blog post, The Epic Story of the Waffen SS — Leon Degrelle, click here >>> KATANA


  112. I read about this book some months ago. I bought the book from Amazon and arrived 3 days ago…. Brutal! I can not explain in another way. Good work! I hope to see the documentary soon.

    Good luck!

  113. giancarlo pacchiarotti

    I am italian, I am very worried about what’s going on, and for all what will be in future.
    If in the world we seen the aggressions of iraq (almost 2 times) afghanistan jugoslavija (bosnia serbia etc.) libya (where was way of life as in europa and now there are only desolation disorder destruction and poverty, thanks also to france); all of theese country were in various ways not good for usa uk france, but principally these countries want to continue their policy of imperialism and colonialism for economics reasons . . . . but those in power are not the presidents. right? we know who is in power. the un is just a puppet of those who have won the war. indeed, of those who maneuver the governments of the countries that have won the war (usa uk Russia china france)(what won france in WW2 we know, nothing, only a lean, meager figure, as well as Italy…. in other way). but the results are NO FREEDOM, no freedom of speak, no freedom of nothing in our countries. but if the masters of world economies decide wars to exercise economic andmust decide the fate of the world, then we can not continue to stay under the heel of the “masters of democracy”, we must continue the work of others who had tried in the past. if the wars we must suffer them, then if its wars there must be, that they are for a better future.

    • No country won any wars. All wars are won by a small organized criminal cabal. All nations must come together and defeat the criminals. When we say some country lost or won any wars, it is not true. We ALL lost and the cabal won. We were just their tools and served their divide and rule game and the strategy of getting us to mutually annihilate ourselves so that they can move in after the carnage is over.

  114. Thank you so much for putting in the work of not only this website but the documentary too. I know it must be a seemingly thankless task but your invisible friends on the other side of that screen appreciate the effort.

    Especially ones from Germany who have to go through proxys in order to even be able to consider writing such a thanks on your website. Thank you so much words cannot express how much love and gratitude I have for you. Just please don’t give up, we need you so much.

  115. Also read Eustace Mullins ,Secrets of the federal reserve, The synogog of satin,and ,TheCurse of Canaan. David Erving and Benjamin freedman are also important for knowing the truth.

  116. Just ordered your book from Amazon. I can only imagine how difficult this was to research and write. Our undying gratitude is yours.

    I do know that this is the blueprint for WWIII; this is what the homicidal jews have planned for us. They want a world without Gentiles. Remember, they have had 60 years to perfect their weapons and agenda.

    God help us all.

  117. Hallo, ich danke fĂŒr diese u.a. Doku. Wir haben in Germany wieder eine politische Situation,bei der die Regierung -zionistisch orientiert – unser deutsches Volk in fast gleicher Weise erneut verrĂ€t. Bilderberger, Weltjudentum, Rotschild, u.a. Verbrecher.
    Besteht denn in Anbetracht, dass wir in unseren grĂ¶ĂŸeren StĂ€dten allmĂ€hlich erneut friedlich aufwachen -aufwachen in Sorge um unsere Heimat,weil ja noch immer Kolonie der verdammten USA sind- dass man uns gerade solche neuen fĂŒrchterlichen Erkenntnisse bzw. Schuldzuschreibungen an beiden Weltkriegen in unserer Sprache und ĂŒber Youtube zum Beispiel bereitstellt ? Unsere Leute mĂŒssen noch wacher werden ! Sie wissen und spĂŒren schon, dass sie bisher belogen und betrogen wurden ,aber das muss vertieft werden !

    Herzliche GrĂŒĂŸe D.DI Werner HĂ€ckel

    • english down below!

      Hallo Herr HĂ€ckel, ja Sie haben recht.
      Die Deutschen – und nicht nur die – mĂŒssen aufwachen und das Weltjudentum als das erkennen, was es ist: Der Feind der Menschheit. Sie sollen herrschen, alle anderen im Staube kriechen.
      Sie geben es ja selbst zu. Damals, zur Weimarer Zeit, und nach dem 1. Weltkrieg wussten das noch viele und daher konnte der FĂŒhrer auch auf eine grosse Gefolgschaft zĂ€hlen, die er freilich erst einen musste. Heute weiss fast niemand mehr um die bösartige Rolle der Juden, die sie in der Vergangenheit ohne alle Skrupel gerne gespielt haben und noch heute spielen. Sie haben nichts aus der Geschichte gelernt und zeigen auch keine Reue.
      Der FĂŒhrer hat klar und deutlich immer das Weltjudentum angeschuldigt fĂŒr alle Verbrechen, und er hatte sehr recht. Die Juden haben Deutschland 2x zerstört, die Leute verhungerten, und sie haben es geschafft, sich auch noch als Opfer darzustellen, obwohl sie als einzige an den Weltkriegen gewonnen haben. Überall in Europa und ab 1900 wurden zionistische Regierungen installiert, in jeder Behörde, in jeder einflussreichen Position. Die Juden regieren als die neue Elite den Erdball. Doch es sind nur wenige, im Vergleich.
      Die Allierten wurden von der Judenpresse ebenso betrogen. Die MilitÀrmacht der Allierten wurde von den Juden missbraucht.
      Die Juden haben ein Spinnen-Netz ĂŒber die ganze Welt gezogen.
      Der FĂŒhrer war der einzige, der das erkannte und zu verhindern suchte. Heil Hitler!

      — in english for our english speaking brothers and sisters:
      Mr HĂ€ckel, you are right. The Germans and not only the Germans have to wake up and recognize world jewry as what it truly is: The enemy of mankind, who is supposed to rule, all others are supposed to be slaves.
      Back then, by the times of Weimar Republic, many people still knew about the evil role of the jews. Nowadays almost nobody knows about that evil role of the jews anymore, which they have been playing ever since and they were and are enjoying this role. They have not learned anything form history and do not regret anything but rather play on with their evil work. And an unknown danger is even more dangerous.
      The Fuhrer always adressed world jewry as the evil force and he was completely right about that.
      The jews destroyed Germany twice, 700.000 Germans died after 1918 of sheer hunger, and 1945 we encountered the hellstorm, started by the jews. War was not over in 1945, it went terribly on until 1948, and it went on until today, more or less severe.
      Remember: in the 1920s and 1930s the jewish red Terror had killed about 40 Million orthodox christian Russians.
      So Hitler had lots of people in Germany he could rely on, but its different today.
      Many people are so brainwashed that they are afraid of the ideas of national socialism. It was the best society we ever had. Lots of joy everywhere, high english officials admitted that when they attended the olympic games in 1936. All other countries in europe and even USA were suffering, but Germany was flourishing, only within 3 years after Hitler had taken power. He told the Germans: Give me four years – then you can judge me!
      And he kept his word!
      But one guy was not so happy about this: The Jew. He didnt like to loose power. Thats why he waged war officially in 1933 against Germany, and by that time the big heavy bombers already were being built…to destroy Germany, the center of white race. Do you see parallels today? I do.
      The Jews managed to be the main profiteurs of both world wars and also managed to portay themselves as the poor victims.
      After the war everywhere in Europe there were installed jewish governments or at least high jewish officials in the most influencial positions. Back then the US was already ruled by jews, like today.
      Now the jews are the new hostile Elite, loyal to none except themselves. It does not matter what passport or nationality they carry. It does not mean anything to them.
      Jews in the roosevelt administration directly got orders from moscow. So in which country they live is not important for them.
      The Allies and the public opinion were mislead by the „Judenpress“ by false propaganda and their coutries were pushed into the war, for their own disadvantage, only for the advantage of the jews, they admitted themselves.
      They have pulled a spider net around the globe to establish their hegemony, like they have said themselves already in 1940. The only one who always tried to warn the world was our beloved FĂŒhrer.
      Heil Hitler! His spirit is alive and will grow.
      Like Kennedy said: Adolf Hitler will soon emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now, when people finally have realized that they were betrayed by the Media, meaning the Judenpress and that they have been told only lies about Hitler, Germany and National Socialism.

  118. I read the book. It was the hardest book I have ever read. Why? It was so disturbing and shocking. I usually read before bed but when I read this book I would be up for hours thinking about it. As hard as it is to read, read it you must. Truth is more gruesome than fiction. I remember an interview with the author and he said that he debated not putting some of the details in the book. Well, I say that not matter how hard it is truth should never be watered down or hidden. That is what makes it stand out, Truth doesn’t seek to hide or cover up. So thank you for not yielding to that temptation.

  119. Sehr gute Arbeit.
    Als Deutscher arbeite ich gerne mit an diesem Projekt.
    Einfach email senden.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe aus Zittau. 88

  120. This documentary is a great idea. This film might be the vehicle that can get major exposure with the public on what truly happened in WW2 and beyond to this day. I hope the book will benefit also and become a best selling as it should. Granted it will never make for a NY Times review… or will it? Or maybe only in an attempt to discredit Goodrich and Hunt’s work.

    We’ll see how this endeavor pans out in the world’s view. These two gentlemen are truly ‘against all odds.’ God bless them.