Hellstorm Book and DVD Package Now on Sale!

Tom Goodrich has just released a new version of Hellstorm and it has been packaged with a re-designed DVD. Get yours now!

9 thoughts on “Hellstorm Book and DVD Package Now on Sale!

  1. Jorge E. Villouta

    What is the price of the book next to the dvd, I have the video, I downloaded it before they released it, but I want to buy it, because it is a wonderful work, in which, the truth is the protagonist, I know that the book is written in English , and my language is Spanish, but I don’t care.

  2. Thank you for this opportunity to learn the truth about what happened to Germany during, and immediately after, WW2. It is an horrific story, and though its truth is clearly evident, many may not be able to accept it, because of the programming we are all subjected to.
    For my part, I am well aware of the unbelievable and unpunished holocaust, which was inflicted upon Russia, by the Jews, after the revolution which they led. 90% of those who led that revolution were Jews who had lived outside Russia and came in to murder and torture to death 66 million Russians.
    It was not, therefore, a surprise to me to learn that the same merciless and unimaginable horror was unleashed on Germany by the Zionists. Now, they are at it again with their murderous experimental gene therapy, the so-called vaccine, for a disease they introduced, but which is not as bad as the flu.
    Will people never wake up to the hideous malevolence of the Wealthy Jews, will Hitler be the only one who ever understood? Sad to say, history, of course, will paint a very different picture.

  3. This is indeed a true horror story it makes me weep for those poor souls I live in the UK and so ashamed of the Evil the government has done since time and memorial all governments, today is 25/07/21 and look at the mess that has been orchestrated world wide this is indeed a war on humanity its time to stop the criminals this is a battle we cannot lose God Bless Humanity and all that have suffered at the hands of pure Evil this is genocide world wide

  4. I watched HELLSTORM on the BitChute streaming service. It may have been “mirrored” via another website. I had some for-knowledge of some of those terrible times because of David Irving’s lectures and writings. HELLSTORM was a shock to me though – I had been warned. The truth is sometimes very tough to bear in mind.
    Thank you for hard work.?

  5. IThose who were enlightened by Hell storm should also Google Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death camps, U.S.S. Liberty, Birth of a Nation, Triumph of the Will, and Jud Suess for a complete revisionist
    Reeducation. Dr. Wm. J. Blameuser, Dr.

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