UPDATE: Hellstorm Now Banned All Around the World

NOTICE: The main upload of Hellstorm (well over 300,000 views in 3 months) is currently not able to be seen on Youtube in all countries around the world. However, you can still view different upload of the video on Youtube, like this one with all of the subtitles:

Here’s the first message from Youtube:

Banned in: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Italy, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna, Austria, and Switzerland.

And here is the second message:


Banned in: Venezuela, West Bank, British Virgin Islands, Guyana, Paraguay, Guinea-Bissau, Palau, Guam, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Greece, Equatorial Guinea, Belarus, Pitcairn, Guinea, Gambia, Greenland, Pakistan, Gibraltar, Ghana, Guernsey, Papua New Guinea, Georgia, Grenada, United Kingdom, Gabon, Panama, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Micronesia – Federated States of, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Swaziland, Saint Barthelemy, Bermuda, Brunei, Bolivia, Bahrain, Burundi, Benin, Bhutan, Zambia, Bouvet Island, Botswana, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Brazil, Bahamas, South Africa, Belize, Jamaica, Jordan, Jersey, Vanuatu, Singapore, Suriname, Samoa, Armenia, Albania, Angola, Anguilla, United Arab Emirates, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Azerbaijan, Australia, Aruba, Sao Tome and Principe, Antarctica, American Samoa, Argentina, Nepal, Rwanda, Iraq, Iceland, Serbia, Fiji, Ireland, Indonesia, Saint Helena, Isle of Man, British Indian Ocean Territory, Romania, Niue, Djibouti, Denmark, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Algeria, Tuvalu, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Japan, Laos, Libya, Saint Lucia, Liberia, Lesotho, Qatar, Oman, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Cook Islands, Cote d’Ivoire, Colombia, China, Cameroon, Chile, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Canada, Congo, Central African Republic, Congo – Democratic Republic of, Cyprus, Christmas Island, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cape Verde, Cuba, Turkey, South Korea, North Korea, Kuwait, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Kyrgyzstan, Togo, Chad, Tajikistan, Tokelau, Kiribati, Cambodia, Tunisia, Tonga, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Portugal, Philippines, Haiti, Thailand, Namibia, Syria, Sint Maarten, Niger, Norfolk Island, Nigeria, South Sudan, Nicaragua, Netherlands, El Salvador, Norway, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), Somalia, Senegal, San Marino, Faroe Islands, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, India, Sweden, Sudan, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Egypt, Western Sahara, Spain, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Marshall Islands, Macedonia, Myanmar, Mali, Macao, Mongolia, Morocco, Holy See (Vatican City State), Monaco, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Montenegro, Moldova, Madagascar, Saint Martin, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Northern Mariana Islands, Montserrat, Mauritania, Mauritius, Malta, Malawi, Maldives, Zimbabwe, United States Virgin Islands, Comoros, Peru, United States, Hungary, Croatia, Vietnam, Uruguay, Latvia, Iran, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Uganda, Honduras, Russia, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Nauru

Well, it seems the documentary has drawn the attention and ire of the “victors.” It’s a good sign.

26 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hellstorm Now Banned All Around the World

    1. Media Professional

      Remember you can still obtain, through a donation, a high quality DVD disc version from Renegade Broadcasting. Support these brave filmmakers. Also owning a DVD will allow you to preserve this vital historical document to make society a better place. After WW II the Communists were never removed from power, and we see them increasing censorship today.

    2. It was stated once, and rightly so, “there is no such thing as war atrocities”, “war itself is an atrocity.” Holocaust aside, the civilian death count for WWII was over 50 million (approximately 30 million as a direct result of military action and over 25 million as a result of war related famine and disease). Truth is a reality which isn’t prejudice to race, color, creed, nationality, or religion. It is not a perception or opinion of fact, but an unbiased recital of fact. Terror bombing (aka carpet bombing) was first used by the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht during Spain’s Civil War (albeit, in a smaller theater) which predates the Allied forces use of it against Germany in WWII.
      It is a semantical argument that Germany called this upon themselves by engaging in certain “war crimes and atrocities”, but a more advanced and mature civilization would acknowledge that, regardless of its crimes, both sides need to own their responsibility to the atrocity committed against the civilian population across the entire theater of WWII.

  1. Why not release a version of the film on the torrent/P2P filesharing networks?
    Unstoppable and uncensored global distribution that way.

  2. I have seen Hellstorm and I support the gentile truth/activist movement (the grassroots workers who are not subverters). I am downloading the Hellstorm torrent strictly to reseed it and make sure that others have high speed access.

    From my own grassroots work, it is clear that information can be collated into readily exchangable forms (pdfs, printed flyers, etc.); however, it is our “marketing” of this information that all of us have to work hard to improve. Hellstorm has had very good marketing, but I think that there is room for improvement. I am studying this issue to determine what recommendations can be made as constructive suggestions without an actual suggestion is worthless.

    I do think that at the center of all of this is a requirement for recruiting other “common folk” from across the globe who speak english. These individuals will be critical for assisting in the translation, between nations/races, of anti-jewish/pro-non-jewish materials. I already see this occuring in the white nationalist movement on a small scale, which is excellent! Thank you to the translators! Your work is invaluable!

    I see an increased need for translators from other countries, however. The stronger the white nationalist/identity movement gets, the more the jews will work to inflame tensions between that power block and other organized non-jewish power blocks (ie: chinese, japanese, meztizos, etc.). I know for a fact that there are small outcroppings from these other groups that are natural links between whites in the fight against world jewish tyranny. Any and all of us who encounter non-jewish non-whites who are on the same page about jews, must, and I mean this MUST, cultivate the bonds between these groups if we are to make in roads with these other races to co-operate against the jews and the avoid allowing the jews to pit non-jewish power blocks against one another.

    I think the most strategic minded whites already realize this. We need more to realize this and we need to have people actively seeking out forums and other organized locations where potential non-jewish non-white allies gather, in order to convey our intentions and desires to these people. The larger the network, the larger the resources at our fingertips.

    Imagine the ability to begin producing short pro-nationalist/anti-communist animes with artists from America, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere, coming together to pool our still small resources, into massive recruiting mechanisms.

    Things will continue to grow and shift in our favor as long as we keep our eyes on the goals and break our required tasks to reach those goals into manageable chunks.

    Stay positive and focused everyone!

  3. It is vital this documentary is on JewTube just because that is where everyone goes to watch videos. An idea would be to create a YouTube video-teaser re-directing people to this website in order for them to watch the documentary here. Maybe that would pass the censorship line quite nicely. Just an idea.

    P: Somebody else still has the Hellstorm video on youtube with 24,356 views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkQ6J5F01Do

    1. I will link to that version for now. There are others out there. They simply wanted to kill the viral nature of our main upload.

  4. The reason the victors are very worried is clear; by the film, “Hellstorm” people begin to understand that these victors are, in fact, the losers! Granted, their lies have prevailed for a long time; now however, people the world over, begin to see through all these lying propaganda-stories from mainly Jewish sources of propaganda, imposed on peoples of the world as “truth.” Now, whether we consider the Bible as historically correct or not, fact is that in the distant past of the early Church, there were already people who proclaimed, what the missionary, Paul, called “Jewish fables”. (= lies):

    “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision; Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things wich they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake”….”This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.” (Titus 1:10-11, 13-14)

    One of the greatest Jewish fables of our time is that Adolf Hitler was solely responsible for WW II, that it was his intention to destroy the Jews of Europe (and after he had achieved world domination, the Jews of the whole world.) That he, his Nazi government (and subsequently the German people as a whole) was responsible for an event wich is now exposed as the greatest of Jewish fables, the holocaust. Talking about “for filthy lucre’s sake”, how much money has Germany already paid in reparations for the so-called “holocaust suvivors” extorted by the true victors wich are, in any case, not the Allies? The holocaust is exposed by many good and decent people such as for example, Fred Leuchter. For how long were we the victims of Jewish fables “that turn from the truth” wich were (and still are) spread by those who were (and are) the true victors? Although the holocaust itself is not a subject in the film, “Hellstorm” exposes other fables as “Adolf Hitler was the bad guy and the Allies were the good guys” and as result, it is banned from You Tube in order to preserve all these lies. And no wonder! The true victors themselves are feeling threatened, are becoming the losers, now the naked truth thanks to “Hellstorm” is known for so manny people! Mr. Goodrich, mr. Hunt, thank you for being so brave and coureageous to tell the truth about what really happened with the German people; thank you very much for exposing these Jewish fables! Keep up this great work!

  5. This is by no means “ground breaking” all of this information is documented in history, you just have to read. Morgenthau was an idiot that was a patsy and was manipulated by Jewish groups and Pro communist. His Chief Advisor Harry Dexter White, whom came up with most of the radical plans to decimate Germany into a large potato field, was accused of being a soviet agent. Of course now, history has shown that it was in the best interest of the Soviets to alienate the U.S., Great Britain and Germany, so they could have an “open door” to controlling Europe. This documentary has the feel of an Anti Jewish propaganda, Pro white power kinda thing. Just my opinion.

  6. SS Führungshauptamt

    Ingen land kjører sitt eget løp under denne invasjonen, for det hele er en politisk agenda som ledes av FN, og som pushes frem av jødene og deres nikkedukker (politikerne).

    Derfor er vi maktesløse og kan ikke gjøre noe fordi folk flest vil ganske enkelt ikkevite eller forstå at dette er en politisk agenda.

    Noen klarer imidlertid å forstå at politikerne bevisst jobber for å importere muslimer og skifte ut folket, men der stopper det, de er som en computer som ikke kan gå videre fordi programmet ikke tillater det.

    FNs sjef for Migration er styreleder i Goldman-Sachs bank… Jødiske bankfolk er oversvømmelser Europa med muslimer!

  7. SS Führungshauptamt

    Eine Sturm kommt… Aus der Asche der alten Welt, entzündet sich eine neue Flamme… Unsere Welt wird brennen, die Angst und Zweifel werden im Feuer untergehen...

    Wer bombardiert Orthodoxen Christlich Serben für die Muslimen?

    Nördlich Atlantik Terrorist Organisation!

    Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte Welt Papierkorb.

  8. SS Führungshauptamt

    Ja sam čovjek iz sjene… Jevreji su licemjer lopove … Imun na Zakon, paraziti… Satanizam je Jevrejski kult… Kosovo je Srbija!

    “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived… He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.” (John F. Kennedy)

    “I have killed many Mexicans; I do not know how many, for frequently I did not count them. Some of them were not worth counting. It has been a long time since then, but still I have no love for the Mexicans. With me they were always treacherous and malicious.” (Geronimo)

    “I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of veterans) would do.” (George Patton)

    “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength by the mass of numbers and their dead weight.” (Adolf Hitler)

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

  9. SS Führungshauptamt

    Украина должна забыть о Крыме и НАТО… НАТО бомбили христианские сербов…

    власть на Украине находится в сговоре с олигархами, им никто не противостоит… Армия Украины обстреливает мирные города.

    Мирные города не обстреливает ополчение и тем более армия России. Украинская армия убивает мирных жителей… и это факт.

    НАТО – это организация военных преступников… Сатанизм является еврейского культ.

  10. SS Führungshauptamt

    Le satanisme est un juive cile…

    Le juive occupé gouvernement français a mis Jean-Marie Le Pen en prison pour avoir critiqué l’islam!

    La liberté d’expression en France? Taureau-merde!

  11. SS Führungshauptamt

    When the Iron curtain came down, the Bolsheviks all fled to the other side because they knew what the Russians would do to them after 100 years of communism. The US State Dept. is infested with communists since WW1 and Woodrow Wilson, they tried to steal the Russian elections for Hillary and their comrades in the Russian Communist Party with 501(c)3 tax exempt corporations, just like at home in the USA.

    Miss neo-kabbalah lesbian Madonna, now rumored to be a Muslim convert, was flown in to agitate while Hillary was on a world-wide gay pride tour… The Kyiv Post is owned and published by Mohammad Zahoor! And, what of this John Podesta and the Podesta Group? No wonder Russia and Egypt clamped down on NGO non-profit provocateurs.

    The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil, but Muammar Gadaffi decided he wanted gold instead of worthless fiat currency from the EU… What was the first thing NATO did when Gaddafi was deposed besides stealing all of Libya’s gold? Form a new government? NOPE, they formed a new Libyan national bank. Now, why would they do that? Because even if Muammar was deposed, he and his heirs would still be the sole proprietors.

    Like with the nonsense in Syria, the U.S. State Department armed terrorist rebels to get rid of Gadaffi, the same ones that killed Ambassador Stevens and stole weapons from that secret armory in the basement… It was easy to dispose of the hated Muammar Gaddafi, but Bashar al Assad has friends…

    The best thing about Russia getting Crimea back… Catherine the Great took it from the Turks… What happened right after Russia retook Crimea? The Russian FSB searched all the Turks living there… Why? Because NATO sponsors Islamist terrorism when it suits them.

    Syria and Ukraine are the same scenario as Serbia… NATO bombed Serbia so the IMF could make loans for rebuilding and get control of Serbian iridium assets… North Atlantic Terrorist Organization? Who bombed Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. CFR globalist Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs.
    3. Sydney Blumenthal, John Podesta not Muslims, work for Hillary.
    4. Rupert Murdoch says ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
    5. Filthy kike Mike Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
    6. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.
    7. Sheldon Adelson bankrolls Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
    8. George Soros, public enemy #1 in Russia, just gave Hillary 8 million
    9. Bernie Sanders needs to “feel the Bern” in a big oven.

    The only reason communist Jew Francois Hollande is president of France is because communist Jew and former IMF head Dominque Strauss Kahn got arrested for raping a negro prostitute in New York… (IMF = Israeli Military Fund) Communist Jew David Cameron was in the news about him fucking a dead pig in some kind of bizarre initiation ritual… Satanism is a Jewish cult…

    “If you don’t stand with Israel, I won’t stand with you.” (Terd Cruz)

    Maybe the kikesucker should run for president of Israel instead?

  12. It is beyond wrong to ban knowledge…this is akin to book burning. No one has the right to tell us what we should know and not know. Censorship should be banned. Do you, Youtube, really think i trust you for knowledge? You can’t find your own ass in the dark yet you have the moronic audacity to censor what i hear and see. Your zionist jew roots are showing and they are about to be dug up and destroyed.

  13. The way the world is, it’s likely Hitler was a puppet too….
    I’d hope not, I agree with all that he says, but sadly we can’t ever know for sure.

    This world really is the matrix….but inside it isn’t pretty- its an absolute mess.
    How can the people in charge be so evil.
    They seem to be obsessed with evil, demons, power, control, rituals and manipulation….I just fail to understand why, but I guess if you aren’t completely evil you will never understand. All I know is WE ARE THE ANSWER.
    That’s what they don’t want us to know. We must be capable of great things we don’t yet remember or understand.
    I hope we figure it out soon, I , like many spend all my days researching studying and picking apart the lies with psychology knowledge.
    I will happily run into the fire, I just need to know who at – and where they are.
    There days are up soon….hope they are afraid.

  14. I was watching it on Bitchute and now it is deemed illegal in my country as of yesterday. Today they’ve also cracked down on a lot of videos that go against the narrative

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