Hellstorm Got Over 1.5 Million Views in One Year Despite Censorship

Last year on May 1st I released a documentary that would go on to shake the world. I knew it would reach a lot of people, but I had no idea just how big it was going to be until it launched. It received over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours and then averaged about 10,000 views per day for the first week. In the first three months this official youtube upload of Hellstorm racked up around 100,000 views per month. Then it was banned worldwide for a copyright claim, which was successfully contested, yet this version still remains unavailable.


Since I made this film publicly available for anyone to copy, the truth would not be stopped. People around the world uploaded the film to their own channels on youtube, some added subtitles in their own languages and we even had a whole German voiceover done, others put it up on other video sharing sites and made it available for download on torrents, while others purchased and burned DVDs for distribution. Because some of uploaders did not use the original title, I was not even aware of some of these copies until recently. All in all, the documentary has been viewed WELL more than one and a half million times less than one year later.

The top 14 uploads on Youtube that I was able to find are as follows (rounded to the nearest thousand views):
581,000 +
340,000 +
199,000 +
87,000 +
79,000 +
62,000 +
44,000 +
43,000 +
35,000 +
32,000 +
25,000 +
21,000 +
11,000 +
6,000 =

That total does not include any of the views outside of youtube, DVD plays, or torrent downloads, which would add tens of thousands more at least. Also, one “view” on Youtube could actually be a group of people watching the documentary together, meaning that at least 2 million people could have watched Hellstorm by now. If Youtube’s view counts have been altered to reduce the perceived popularity of the film, which happens, the number could be even far more.

This is quite incredible for a film that had less than $4,000 for a production and marketing budget! Our enemies could only wish to get such results with so little spent, but their tired old narratives will continue to flounder, since people have been inundated with Allied propaganda for the past 70 years and do not feel compelled to spread this narrative far and wide, even if they still believe it.

Photo dated 25 February 1945 showing residents and emergency personnel lining up bodies to be burned at the Old Market in the east German city of Dresden, following allied bombings 13 February 1945. The 60th anniversary of the massive fire bombing of the city, which killed anywhere between 25,000 to 135,000 people, many of them refugees fleeing the Russian advance, will be commemorated in Dresden 13 February 2005, amidst calls by far-right parties to hold a mass rally in Dresden on the occasion. AFP PHOTO SLUB DEUTSCHE FOTOTHEK/WALTER HAHN (Photo credit should read WALTER HAHN/AFP/Getty Images) BRL103

On the other hand, Hellstorm is right in line with the truth-seeking zeitgeist of our age, as people are beginning to realize that almost every narrative spoon-fed to us by the jewish media is the inverse of reality. Once folks understand they have been lied to in a big way, and realize the terrible situation we are in today is actually a result of the victory over Germany in WW2, then they feel compelled to shout the truth about Hellstorm from the rooftops. Or at least to share it on social media.

The success of Hellstorm has our enemies very worried. They had a campaign of rating the film as 1-star on IMDb, countering all of the 10-star ratings, to make it seem like WW2 truth is not popular and to discourage others from seeing the film.

Sign up at IMDb to leave a review
Sign up at IMDb to leave a review

Unfortunately for them, their campaign to discredit the film has not worked, so they have decided to take their efforts to the next level. In the past few days leading up to the 127th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, I received messages that versions of the film on Youtube, including my own and ones on other channels, have been banned around the world (except for the US) because of a bogus copyright claim by BBC Worldwide.

Although I wonder how many views the film would have by now if there had been no censorship of my main upload a few month after the release, I think that the efforts to stop the viral success of the film will only backfire. People around the world realize that this truth is verboten and will find ways to get around censorship.

Watch the film here!

5 thoughts on “Hellstorm Got Over 1.5 Million Views in One Year Despite Censorship

  1. Este a sido el único documental que e visto,relata la crueldad de los buenos, en esta guerra, que aun continua por otros medio, felicito el coraje y valor de quienes lo realizaron, y al que lo escribió, se dice que en un mundo de mentira decir la verdad constituye un delito. no tengo palabras para expresar el dolor y rabia ante semejante barbarie cometido en contra del pueblo alemán.

  2. It’s very encouraging to see that our distractors and the Mainstream Media are not able to suppress “Hellstorm.” Whatever they have done so far, they were not able to stop the truth of the real story of WW II. Thank you very much, Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Kyle, for bringing the secret history of WW II to us!

  3. Just imagine if this amazing documentary could get aired on MSM! We would see an almost instant change worldwide as more and more people, en mass, see through the filthy lies and propaganda that the victors have force fed us for the last 70+ years.

    Kudos to Thomas Goodrich and all those involved in the research and distribution of a truth which has given the world a chance to learn that those who are supposed as heroes are in fact evil murderers. Churchill and Eisenhower need exposing for the heinous monsters they are, just as the German people must finally learn the truth and return to being the proud, strong people they always were.

    For further viewing after watching HELLSTORM you should check out Dennis Wise`s “Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told”.

    There is a whole world which is thriving off the back of the lies told about both World Wars. It is up to YOU as a decent person to research and learn those truths so together we may crush the lies, expose the liars and return this diseased world back into the paradise it was before usury, greed, lies and the constant desire for power by those “elites” in charge destroyed the common man`s right to a good life!

  4. I have watched this documentary 4 times now and shared it with as many people as I can losing some brainwashed friends as a result (not saying I care, screw them). I’m a black guy from UK and have been called a sellout and Nazi-lover by some. I don’t care. It’s more important to live an honest and authentic life, and this documentary is as authentic as you can get. It made me cry real tears of sorrow and made me realise the importance of never trusting mainstream media ever again! I have so much respect and love for all of the people involved in creating this incredible documentary. I hope you’ll do more documentaries.

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