American Doctor’s First-Hand Account of How He Saw Dachau’s SS Guards Tortured and Murdered by GIs

More revelations are coming out from the mainstream press concerning the atrocities committed against unarmed, defenseless Germans during and after World War II.

From Daily Mail:

An American WWII doctor told how he calmly watched US soldiers massacre German SS guards in the Dachau concentration camp because they ‘SO HAD IT COMING’.

Captain David Wilsey wrote to wife Emily that he did not have a ‘single disturbed emotion’ because he saw the Nazis as ‘SS Beasts’ that deserved to be slaughtered.

GIs tortured them by making them stand for hours in Heil Hitler salutes and pouring iced water over their naked backs before they were shot dead . . .


At the time he helped liberate Dachau, Captain Wilsey was a 30-year-old anesthesiologist with the 116th Evacuation Hospital.

On V-E Day, May 8, 1945, he sent a seven page letter to his wife, Emily, which he began with: ‘My Most Precious Being’.

It spoke of how he saw 40,000 ‘wrecks of humanity’ walking around in what he called ‘THE home of SS Bestiality’.

The letter said: ‘I saw captured SS tortured against a wall [by U.S. soldiers] and then shot in what you Americans would call ‘cold blood’—but Emily!

‘God forgive me if I say I saw it done without a single disturbed emotion BECAUSE THEY SO HAD-IT-COMING after what I had just seen and what every minute more I have been seeing of the SS beasts’ actions’.

The letter also talks about how Captain Wilsey spend three ‘intensive’ days and five other days looting from the camp . . .

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Please note that there is still an incredible amount of bias, lies, and obfuscation within the DailyMail reporting, so you need to be a discerning reader. For example, if Dachau was a camp where inmates were being gassed to death, why were 40,000 inmates found alive walking around? The stories about SS guards being beasts are intended to excuse or justify their cold-blooded murder at the hands of the victors. Regardless, it is very interesting to see the massacre at Dachau being exposed by a big news outlet after it was featured in Hellstorm.


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