DailyMail: How thousands of Germans committed mass suicide as Allies approached in the final days of WWII

The truth of the horrors that the Germans faced as WWII came to a close is finally reaching a mainstream audience. Of course mainstream news outlets will not reveal the whole truth, which Hellstorm does, but it’s a step in the right direction.

From DailyMail.com:

At just 10-years-old Manfred Schuster stumbled upon the biggest mass suicide in modern European history.

Seventy years on he has never forgotten the ‘bloodcurdling’ screams as a group of around 50 women killed themselves and their children right in front of him.

The date was May 1, 1945, and he was in the German town of Demmin in the final days of the Third Reich.

Up to 2,000 residents killed themselves after the arrival of the Soviet Army sparked widespread panic.

‘I shall never forget the cries of ‘Mum, Mum,” Mr Schuster reportedly told the Times.

Mr Schuster and his family had only arrived in the town from Stettin, now Szcsecin, Poland, a few weeks earlier.

He told how he was returning from the shops along the banks of the river Peene with his friend when they heard the screams.

The boys saw around 50 women, weighed down with stones, jump to their deaths in the murky water with their children tethered to them.

‘The most horrible part was when a couple of the children broke free and made it back to the bank, from where they just looked on helplessly, screaming back at the water where their mothers and siblings had drowned.’

The mass suicides were triggered by the arrival of the Soviet Army the previous day who were responsible for sacking the town.

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