German Perspective of WWII Reaching the Masses with Documentary Film

An excellent review by John Friend:

The crimes committed against the German people – men, women, and children, soldiers, political officials, and civilians alike – during and after WWII is one of history’s greatest tragedies.

And yet, for most of the Western world, it is a tragedy that is largely unknown. The war crimes committed by the Allies during and after the war, which included the indiscriminate fire-bombing of countless German cities and industrial centers, the sinking of German civilian ships on the high seas, the torture, starvation, abuse, and murder of millions of disarmed or surrendered German soldiers and National Socialist political officials, and the rape and murder of countless German women and girls, have been covered up and downplayed in the West. Ask any Westerner about the atrocities committed during WWII, and the only response you will likely receive is that “6 million Jews” suffered and died at the hands of “the evil Nazis” during the “Holocaust”.

The ignorance of the Western world regarding WWII may change with the release of Hellstorm, a documentary produced by Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting. The documentary is based on Thomas Goodrich’s must-read book thoroughly detailing the utter annihilation of National Socialist Germany during and after WWII entitled Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947.

On May 1st, Hunt released Hellstorm on the official Renegade Broadcasting YouTube channel, which has been viewed well over 250,000 times as of this article’s publication.

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3 thoughts on “German Perspective of WWII Reaching the Masses with Documentary Film

  1. I wanted to watch this, but was told this wasn’t available in this country. I thought this was America. What happened to the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech? Not allowing this to be shown is unconstitutional and illegal.

  2. So were the crimes committed during and after WWII by the very same people supposedly fighting to protect those rights… Rather ironic and at the same time hypocritical…

  3. Every time I bring up these atrocities committed against germany I get personally attacked and threatened but no one can offer any proof of german plan to exterminate jews

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