Hellstorm Documentary Brings the Book to Light

A great review by Dan Poole at Examiner.com:

In June 2010, independent author Thomas Goodrich published a book called “Hellstorm,” which told the tale of what really happened to innocent German men, women, and children both during and after World War II. After several years of going mostly unnoticed, Hellstorm was turned into a documentary movie thanks to the efforts of Kyle Hunt.

Released on May 1, 2015, the documentary hasn’t yet been covered by mainstream media sources, but it’s rustled enough feathers that the BBC, the Daily Mail (twice), and NBC have all published reports in the last two months chronicling just a small taste of what the German people were subjected to by the Allies. The documentary covers the full extent of the horrors in seven different DVD chapters: Terror bombing, rape, the Baltic Massacre, defeat in the west, death camps, purges, and ethnic cleansing. Here is a summary of each of those seven chapters… Read the rest

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  1. Thank you for posting this on the Hellstorm website, Kyle! The original link that I sent you through email got axed because I published it under a general “article” instead of a “review.” I forgot to send the new link to you. Glad you found it anyway.

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