Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt Interviewed by Deanna Spingola

Have a listen to Deanna Spingola interviewing both the author (Tom) and producer (Kyle) of Hellstorm!

3 thoughts on “Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt Interviewed by Deanna Spingola

  1. I want to first express my appreciation for the book and for the efforts being made to produce a film version. That being said, I feel obliged to inform anyone who might read this that our group, Independent Media Solidarity and myself have been unfairly criticized and our work denounced by Deanna Spingola. Our documentary film, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook was the work of 10 individuals who feel strongly that the historical record will suffer the most when the truth of events are manipulated by certain interests. Its unlikely your interview was impacted by these interests. But, I still think its important to consider the motivations of those, especially in the alternative media. Thanks again for your efforts.

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