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  1. the most emotional and thought provoking video trailer I have ever seen. I will be ordering documentary soon. Everyone should see this. Amazeing !!

  2. Watched this .. sobs came uncontrolled … I lived through this period. Was a child that will never forget the horror of the bombing raids. It is unfortunate that it took so long to be brought to the attention the world and surpassed, in some way, the constant reminder of the holocaust.

  3. Thankyou,
    It all makes sense and comes at exactly the right time when people are beginning to wake from their sleep. It took the horrors of the Israeli-Jewish massacres of Gaza, their extreme cruelty in stealing Palestine land, walling the population in, imprisoning and torturing Palestinian children, and yet convincing the world that it was the Palestinians who were the villains, to wake us up to the possibility that maybe they had also told lies and concealed their crimes against the Germans. This film should be shown in every school and college in the world to bring an end to the horrific “Holocaust Industry”.

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